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Information about MRI at a glance


MRI is rated to be a painless procedure where even small structural abnormalities in human body are detected. In comparison to CT scan or X rays harmful radiations are not emitted by this procedure. The modern MRI machines leave no scope of any radiations. A clear picture of a scanned body part is provided. As per recent reports nearly 10 million people are part of MRI scan every year.

For diagnosing various health issues of heart, brain or even lungs MRI is important. The best MRI in Bangalore relies on cross sectional images with help of computer aided technologies. Even for identifying tumours or sports injuries people rely on this method. This is a painless and totally harmless invasive procedure. Radio waves with magnetic rays are used as part of this scanning procedure. A patient who has metal objects is refrained from being part of this scan. Patients are strictly advised to remove all metal objects before they appear for this scan.

They are images of the organs or structures of human body and visual images are depicted in great details. Professionals go on to study these images in depth of the body and diagnose disorders. The benefit of this scan is that it does not take very long and no need for an overnight stay at the hospital. In a majority of cases you can go home the same day as it is an outpatient procedure. No form of anaesthesia is called for, but some patients may require sedatives in case procedure takes a long time. Once the scan is over you can return back to your normal activities.

When the scan takes place the patients are asked to lie down on a table where they slide on to the MRI scanner. Technical specialists on the other side can hear the sound of a scan being undertaken. Depending on the details a MRI scan could cost you around $ 2000 per scan. As compared to a CT scan a MRI proves to be costly. The reports are obtained on the same day itself.

The reasons why this scan is necessary?

Now your physician might have prescribed you a MRI scan? The first thought that might strike you is why not a CT scans or X ray. Numerous reasons can be attributed on why a MRI scan would have been suggested. It is a form of imaging technique having its inception since 1980 and results obtained are concise and clear.

Before this technique came into existence to detect certain type of cancer biopsy was an option. This clearly outlined the extend and how far the disease has spread. In modern times MRI scan centres in Bangalore detect a wide range of disorders from vascular to reproductive systems. Even problems in your ears or eyes can be detected via this scan. In your bone structure arthritis can be detected. Issues with MRI keeps on growing so there are various reasons for opting for a MRI in modern times.

As compared to a CT scan a MRI scan showcases a lot more details. Imagine a person is having a heart disorder and they would want a detailed analysis of their heart structure. With the help of a scan blocked arteries, veins can be detected paving way for surgery. You could fall on the ground and your head could hit a concrete. With a MRI it is possible to detect internal bleeding of your brain. Even a small vessel in an optic nerve can be seen via a MRI. Liver or kidney damage can be figured out easily via a MRI. The list of procedures that can be performed with a MRI keeps on increasing and being a live saving mechanism doctors recommend them at the earliest.

The cost aspect of a MRI scan?

In the field of medicine MRI is one of the newest imaging methods. People could think whether a MRI scan is better than an x ray or CT scan. This is taking into consideration the fact that MRI is prohibitive. The cost would depend upon the body part tested along with the region where you test. An interesting aspect of a MRI scan is cost would evolve on the type of machine. When you compare it to a CT scan MRI is going to cost you 20 % more and nearly 50 % in comparison to an X ray.

Once again the major advantage of a MRI is that it does not rely on radiation. With radio waves and a large magnet images are developed. A clearer and concise image can be obtained with a MRI scan when you compare it to CT or normal X rays. Though in certain cases x ray could prove to be an obvious choice. For example if a child has fallen down a simple X ray would outline breaking of a bone. How severe the damage is and what needs to be done is clearly outlined by this procedure.

If that same breakage involves a muscle tear or damage, then MRI is a better choice. This is due to better muscle sensitivity and a better image clarity developed. It is going to cost you more but will provide you physician a better clarity in terms of images and that to without relying on use of radiation. Being expensive people do feel that it is not worth it. But trust me the benefits outline the risks of the same. Do discuss with your doctor and both of you should be on the same plate in order to arrive at a decision.

Apart from this another popular type of scan is a CT scan. A major loophole is less clear images are obtained by this scan when you compare it to a MRI. The main region where MRI scan finds its use is scanning of the brain where a clearer image is obtained. Once a patient has suffered a head trauma a CT scan might be ordered. Any swelling on the brain is detected via this scan.

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