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Profitable integration of API in the messaging sector

Profitable integration of API in the messaging sector

API has seen significant growth over recent years, especially in the large-scale tech firms as well as messaging services provider firms. API is the short form for the Application Programming Interface. Lately, it has been integrated as a part of programming and as a connectivity use between two applications or software. Albeit unknown, this is a program that has been widely used in day to day processes such as messages, social media, programming, operating systems and many more.

To make this easier to understand how API actually works, let’s take this simple example. You go to a restaurant for dinner. In this scenario, the restaurant is termed as a ‘system’. If you want to order something from the menu and to make sure that order reaches to the kitchen, there has to be a link, i.e. a waiter. The waiter or an API is the messenger that ensures that the order is conveyed to the kitchen and tells them- the system, what to do. The waiter in return will deliver the food. This connectivity of messaging is done through API. Hence it can be termed as a connectivity interface between two platforms or application.

What does API provide?

In this modern communication and digital world, the data of your phone is never completely exposed to the server, and all the information of the server is never fully revealed to the user.  That is where API has become so valuable. It communicates with only small packets of data, which means that the necessary data is only shared. For example, if you are booking a hotel, you filter what kind of hotel you require and the facilities included,  the search results will show only specific data as per your requirement in return.  And in the end, you book your hotel room. Expedia, Amazon, eBay, Google are few of the large firms that are using the API and monetizing from it.

Growth in the messaging service sector due to API

Bulk SMS service is a sector that has been developing at a steady rate over the past few years.  By the integration of API as a part of their source code, it often enables free SMS send API for the purchasers and providers. As it also provides an additional layer of security for the code, and it being programming friendly, it is availed of them by various sectors such as Banking, Mobile service providers.

As a part of their trial run or promotional offers, free API provider is also seen sending out competitive quotations, as everyone wants a piece of this rapidly growing sector.
It is an integrated part of this industry now as API has a vast amount of benefits if used a part of their package, as seeing the visible growth of the companies availing API in their messaging services, it ensures that the data of the clients as well as their server database are more secured. This is the reason why the Free SMS service providers are much in demand.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Why studio is the Best Choice for Shooting?

Why studio is the Best Choice for Shooting?

Are you planning to shoot something? Do you think that you need a space for it? Of course, there are photography studios out there that can be perfect for your shooting endeavours. If you think that it would be a waste of money then you are wrong. 

How many times do you plan to shoot and then at the end point you have to drop the idea because of unfriendly weather conditions? Isn’t it so disheartening? You can simply check out Photoshoot studio rental and then have it for your use.  Remember, when you drop the shooting at the end point, it is not just wastage of time but energy and efforts too. You have to be careful about the options you pick and the choices you make.

Perfect setup

When you have a professional studio for your shooting, things always stay professional. Even if you have taken the studio on rent, you would not have to panic about anything. The studio would be yours for the specific time. In this way, whether you want to do shooting in the morning, evening or noon; it would be ideal for you. There won’t be any influences of weather conditions. Whether it is raining, sunny or storming; you would not have to worry.

Next you know in different studios you get different equipment. Many studios get you the equipment that might be helpful for your photography and shooting endeavours. There are different props and you can even take yours too. After all, the space is at your disposal and you would not have to make any arrangements. Since studios are designed in a way to be used as a studio, these always stand effective for the users. You would always find the studio updated and maintained. You would not have to take care of its maintenance.

Different props for different scenes

Variety in the studio can be fetched through different props. You can use different kinds of props that would make the studio the way you want it to be. These props would work like miracles. You would be surprised to know that there are many movie scenes that are shot through these studios only. Of course, it is not always possible to go to different places for shooting. Sometimes, you have some limitations in terms of finances and otherwise. Of course, to go to another city, country or place is not an easy job. It takes a lot of efforts and of course the cost is another thing. These expenses can be saved by doing shooting in a rented studio.   Props can give you an experience of snow, sun, and probably anything you look forward to. There are many background stuff and items too that make the studio even more realistic.


Thus, it is easy to have a studio on rent and carry out your shooting deeds then to go to place to place for shooting. Don’t worry about the options; once you are ready you would get good photo studio space for rent.
Top Tips To Maintain Your Car

Top Tips To Maintain Your Car

All of us begin using a new car with the promise of keeping it in show-room condition for the years to come. But we know that this happens very rarely. There are many reasons including laziness.
If you are determined to keep your car spick and span, here are a few tricks and tips:

·        Protect from sun

It is a good idea to park your car mostly in a garage. If you don’t have garage, a shaded space will suffice to keep the sun at bay. If nothing else works, you can get a plastic covering for your car. After all, your car is also at the mercy of bird droppings and other damage while being parked. Avoid buying dark shades of cars as they attract more dust and heat.

·        Wash regularly

This is surely the best way to keep your car clean and happy. While you can wash the outside daily, you need to take the car to a car wash to wash the underbody of your car. You can consult car wash detailing services.When doing it yourself, wash the car with two buckets- one with clean water and other with soapy water. Scrub gently using clean sponge and rinse using a high pressure water sprayer.

·        Make use of microfiber cloth

It is advised that you must use separate micro-fiber cloths for dusting, interior and exterior. Use separate cloth for dry wiping as wet cloth will leave marks. Regular cloth can be used for cleaning tires. This will help avoid scratches on your car. A micro-fiber cloth will have 30: 70 ratio of Polyamide and Polyester. Buy cloth of different colors to distinguish their use.

·        Fix damaged parts a.s.a.p.

A car with a damaged body with exposed panels is prone to rust fast. Try to get it fixed as soon as possible because not only will it cost more in the long run but also cause a mishap, if damage is to a  critical part.

·        Avoid food and drinks

Simply avoid smoking/ drinking/ eating inside the car. No matter how  careful you are, crumbs from your food are likely to fall and make the car dirty. So also with smoking which leaves a bad odor and drinks that spill and stain the insides. In case damage is done, clean up crumbs and spills as soon as you can. Tip is to keep trash bags, ready in your car for cleaning up.

·        Watch out for dirty shoes

It is quite evident that the biggest source of dust and dirt inside the car cabin is your shoes. While climbing inside your car, make a habit of knocking away the dirt from your shoes, before keeping them inside.

·        Occasional detailing of car

You may like to be a DIY person, but it is always good to get a professional detailing of your car done to keep it spanking new. Such detailing will get rid of minor scratches and blur or dim, the bigger ones. Experts recommend doing this at least twice a year. You can also consider re-coating car with ceramic or glass coating to keep the paint shiny new. Consider this after ascertaining car coating price.

·        Vacuum cabin

However much you try to keep the car cabin clean, your upholstery ( especially those of beige color) tends to attract small dust particles. You can clean up hard to reach spots like AC vents by approaching car service center. You can even do the cleaning yourself using a handy car vacuum cleaner.

These are all some tips for maintaining your car.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Importance of having quality hand tools

Importance of having quality hand tools

Hand tools are used by the craftsman and the common people right from the prehistoric times. The change of tools from the primitive stone wedges to engineered tools have also brought changes the way work is handled with it. The advancement in tools helps the user to handle challenging tasks with flexible hands and less effort. Present craftsman and industries look for the best selection of tools that can make the task easier with increased perfection and productivity. If you can select the proper tools from wide ranges, you can enjoy the real benefits of using it. Improper selection result in loss of investment, make you hate the work and result in workplace injuries. Here are some of the important benefits of using the right hand tools.

Controls WMSDs

WMSDs or Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders occur with the use of improper and incorrect usage of the tools. Wrong selection or improper tools can result in injuries related to joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves that can affect the functions of several body parts with the flow of time. Incorrect usage of right tools can also result in these issues. Hence it is so important to make use of quality hand tools in the right way to control WMSDs which is experienced by a good number of craftsmen and tool users.

Comfortable hands

When you have the right tools, your hands really feel comfortable and it adds a spirit to get engaged in the work. Presence of proper tools really makes you love the job you are engaged in. This, in turn, assures maximum perfection for the work and provide a good level of satisfaction for both the workers and the customers. Now the tools are made in different shapes and sizes to meet the exact requirements of different applications. Select the right tools in accordance with the nature of work to make your hand feel really comfortable at work.

Saves time

One of the most important factors that result in wastage of time in the workplace is the absence of quality tools and insufficient numbers of tools. Never make your workplace to go deficient in quality tools since it makes one of the best assets in the workplace. Now there are reputed tool manufacturers to provide the complete collection of hand tools online to helps you. Go through the same to get the right mix of best tools to add the real speed and flexibility to the works. Present hand tools with reduced weight provide maximum grip and need only low-level pressure to do the intended task. It helps to save good volume of time otherwise you have to spend in the works.

Decrease work injuries

Quality hand tools are made with perfect handles and safety features to get effective interaction with tools. You can find safety features including thump stop, lock springs and more to minimize the occurrence of workplace injuries to its rock bottom level.

Reputed hand tools manufacturers make use of high-quality materials and follow the international standard in manufacturing to assure the best in hand tools at affordable rates.
Picking the Most Appropriate Nail Gun

Picking the Most Appropriate Nail Gun

The motivation behind nail guns is very not the same as those of different sorts of apparatuses. There is no multipurpose gun accessible in the market. Nail guns have been imagined for doing exceptional undertakings. In this way, before purchasing a one, it is extremely essential to know the errands completely for which it will be utilized.

The sorts are as following

Material and Siding nail guns

 These kinds of mailers are intended for the specific undertaking, for example, doing siding or material. These sorts of guns have the ability to store enormous number of nails in their capacity zone and are made especially for the job needing to be done, for example, siding or material. These are for the most part curl compose.

Surrounding nail guns

These kinds of mailers are utilized to drive greater (1-1/2" to 4") enclose type nails to bigger bits of wooden items. These are very massive and are by and large stick-type guns. There are a couple of curl composes and the best nail guns accessible that are furnished with this component.

Complete nail guns

These sorts of mailers are otherwise called stick or brad guns. They are made for fixing little complete compose nails into littler bits of articles. This sort of gear is littler in size and lighter in weight when contrasted with encircling guns, and they are principally utilized for completing or trimming work. These are by and large stick-type.

You have to choose precisely what kind of gun you require. Following are a few audits that are very useful to you and which you should take into your thought.

- A directional fumes yield. At the point when the nails are crashed into a protest, air is removed from the gun. It is extremely a magnificent element of this device, which keeps the residue delivered amid the procedure from entering your eyes and nose.

- A simple to-utilize profundity change. The majority of the nails guns have the office to manage the power with which the nail is driven in. The upside of this alteration is that your nail won't stand out of the surface, or sink somewhere inside the question. There are many nail guns that do this alteration consequently, while there are others that can be set physically. Subsequently, you can make changes in accordance with control the power of the mailer for better outcomes.

- A great measured gun trigger. In the event that you are considering utilizing your gun in cool climate, you should put gloves staring you in the face. Be that as it may, you need to ensure that the nail gun you have purchased must have a bigger trigger so you may not confront any sort of bother while utilizing it with gloves on.

- If you are considering nailing an immense number of nails, you ought to consider the putting away limit of the mailer and the adaptability with which nails can be stacked into the mailer. Obtaining an apparatus, which suits your prerequisite the most, can spare a lot of your chance. In any case, it can squander your valuable time as well on the off chance that you settle on a wrong choice.
- A swivel reporting in real time connector to the nail gun. So as to keep away from the tangling of your air hose, you have to move around every now and again with your nail gun.

At long last, it is firmly suggested that you ought to precisely experience the surveys. You can likewise visit an equipment and hardware shop to enquire about the coveted device or do explore on the web for refreshed audits. It is additionally a superior plan to take counsel of the general population who have officially taken the upside of this awesome gear or are as yet utilizing it. Along these lines, you will have the capacity to make ideal utilization of your well-deserved cash.

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Autisme n'est pas une condamnation

Autisme n'est pas une condamnation

En 2014, Bulat Utemuratov a fondé le Fonds de bienfaisance «Asyl Miras». Le premier projet de la nouvelle organisation était le programme complet «Autisme. Le monde est un pour tous «, qui est mis en œuvre conjointement avec le fonds public» Ashykulm «. L'initiative est conçue pour améliorer la qualité de vie des enfants atteints de troubles du spectre autistique (SRA) grâce à un diagnostic précoce de la maladie, à la réadaptation, à une éducation inclusive et à l'intégration sociale.

Centres d'aide

Le programme prévoit l'ouverture de centres pour enfants autistes. Le premier d'entre eux est apparu à Almaty en 2015, le deuxième à Astana en 2016. Aujourd'hui, les institutions opèrent dans trois autres villes: Kyzylorda, Ust-Kamenogorsk et Uralsk. Dans les centres, les parents reçoivent des consultations à part entière et un soutien complet. Des spécialistes qualifiés travaillent avec des enfants, guidés par les principaux développements mondiaux. Le rapport sur les activités du Fonds de Bulat Utemuratov pour 2017 devrait être que pour toute la durée du travail dans les centres inscrits 3.191 enfants atteints des troubles du spectre autistique, 64% d'entre eux ont un programme de réadaptation.

Les professeurs des centres organisent des webinaires en ligne pour les parents, dans lesquels ils partagent des informations sur les outils diagnostiques, les approches comportementales, les méthodes de formation des compétences de base en parole, éducation, vie et sociale chez les enfants atteints de troubles du spectre autistique.

Récemment, le centre a reçu la visite de consultants internationaux de la clinique Carbone Carol Roxburgh et de Suhdev Hansra. Les scientifiques ont inspecté le travail de l'organisation et partagé les observations de leur propre pratique.


Pour consolider la communauté scientifique autour du problème de l'autisme et de l'échange d'expériences, «Asyl Miras» a organisé la Conférence internationale «Autisme. Le monde des opportunités. « Le premier événement a eu lieu en octobre 2016. 220 spécialistes représentant l’Université de Californie, l’Université de l’Oregon, l’Université Emory, l’Emory Autism Centre, le Marcus Autism Centre, Autism speaks, l’Université Nazarbaïev ont assisté à l’événement. Lors de discussions ouvertes, le Ministère du développement social et le Ministère de l’éducation et des sciences de la République du Kazakhstan ont participé.

La deuxième conférence a eu lieu en novembre 2017 et visait à trouver des méthodes, des approches et des outils pratiques novateurs pour diagnostiquer, rechercher et corriger le SRA. Les principaux experts mondiaux ont pu attirer la participation. La conclusion du forum est sans ambiguïté - la détection précoce du trouble est la clé de la réussite de la réadaptation.

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Why Are Banners Still Be The Best Marketing Tool?

Why Are Banners Still Be The Best Marketing Tool?

Advertising or promotion is imperative to success in the present neck-throat competitive business ambience. Nowadays, marketing is done in two broad categories; one is the online marketing, while the other category is the offline promotion. Today, the former one is dominating, with businesses considering the virtual world as an ocean of possibilities to make great leads & sales. Well, that’s true to a large extinct, but for long-term survival; offline business promotion cannot be overlooked. Offline marketing serves a number of purposes, with topmost include bringing solidity to your business, also, why miss out on customers nearby, and last the competition here is quite low.
There are numerous ways for the offline business or brand promotion, but the one trusted for years is the large banners hung at the street junctures, letting people know the physical address of your business. Banners for decades were the true buddy of businesses to spread the message across a dedicated target audience, and this can be as small as a street or as big as an entire city. Banners are typically printed wordings made out of great designs those are employed for the sole purpose of advertising and promotion within a constraint budget. But, you might still wonder, why to invest in large banners, when your rivals are fueling hundreds of dollars on online ad campaigns.
First of the amazing benefits of the marketing banners is that they are lightweight and flexible, easy to be tagged along everywhere without any sort of discomfort. What’s more, you can store the design of your business banner in a pen drive to the nearby printing shop, and get multiple prints to stick the banners at advertising locations in the market.
1. Durable
The large banners designed nowadays are quite durable and the colour scheme doesn’t fade away easily.  The banner is waterproof, means during the rainy season, you don’t have to place the banners again after the rain.
2.  Cost Effective
In comparison to any other than means of online brand or business promotion, banners are the most cost-effective means to connect with an audience. The cost you have to spend on banners advertising is on the costs of printing. After that, you don’t have to spend a dollar, plus, the more the prints, the less the cost of printing it. So, by covering a larger part of the city for advertising, you can save money.
3.  Display A Lot Of Information
With banners, you can choose a large variety of size options; they can range from small, medium to big as per your need. Whether you need to display a welcome message about your upcoming business or a simple image of the product at a discounted price, banners are the perfect choice even in 2018.
Before you invest in banners, it is highly advised to look into the design of the banner. Here, you can reach out to a graphic designer; they will help you make an attractive design to improve your leads & sales.

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Debt Mutual Funds also known as liquid funds invest in market instruments which comes with a maturity period up to 91 days. Government securities, treasury bills, and money market instruments are some examples of liquid funds. As their maturity period is short, they are associated with the lowest possible risks. Also, they can be easily redeemed due to their unmatched liquidity.

However, unlike some other mutual fund investments, the NAV (Net Asset Value) of these funds changes frequently, even daily.

Short-term Investments: Why Liquid Funds?

Debt mutual funds offer an annual return of around 10% and, unlike equity funds, are less volatile and feature more liquidity; hence, an excellent way to park surplus funds.

Also, of all types of mutual funds in India, debt funds are more popular as they are non-traditional short-term investments that can offer up to 10% in annual returns.

Debt Funds: A Brief
Debt funds invest primarily in fixed-income and variable maturity instruments. There are various types of debt funds to cater to the varied needs of modern investors. In the Indian market, dynamic funds, liquid funds, accrual funds (credit opportunities funds), gilt funds and ultra short-term funds are available for investors. There are only two markers of difference in all of them - investment type and maturity period.

Why Liquid Funds?
Not only are Liquid Funds low-risk, they are the least volatile of all mutual fund classes. They invest only in those securities that have a high credit rating and the NAV changes over the interest the fund accrues. The NAV may change even every single day. Due to the short maturities, investors do not prefer to trade liquid funds as they further end up reducing NAV related volatility. 

However, a word of caution
Savings Accounts these days offer about 4% p.a. Interest. On the other hand, the ROI for liquid funds is around 8- 9%, which makes it the preferred investment option available to earn high returns in a short time. But, you cannot conclude this by assuming that liquid funds are a real substitute for savings accounts. You should never consider investing all your savings and excess cash in liquid funds, as you don’t get the benefit of immediate withdrawal services like ATMs. Consequentially, you might get stuck in an emergency with empty pockets.

On the other hand, there are no exit loads in liquid funds, regardless of the time for which you’ve been invested in the fund.

There are two ways to liquidate the fund after maturity:
  •  As a lump sum - Withdrawing the entire fund with returns in one go.
  • Through Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) - A pre-decided portion of the units is redeemed in predefined intervals. The amount is credited to the investor’s bank account directly until the fund is exhausted.
Tax on Liquid Funds
Liquid funds, a part of non-equity fund category, are applied the same taxation rules as other debt funds. As per the new income tax (IT) laws, debt funds are subject to short-term and long-term capital gains tax.

Short-term capital gain tax is calculated for investments that are held for less than 3 years and the investor liquefies them earlier. The return so earned is then considered a part of the investor’s annual taxable income and is taxed according to the IT bracket the investor falls in.

While taxable income up to Rs.2.5 lakh (annually) is exempt from tax, income between Rs.2.5 lakh and Rs.5 lakh is taxed up to 5% and tax of 20% is applicable on annual income between Rs.5 lakh and Rs.10 lakh.

However, if an investor opt to keep the units of a liquid fund invested for more than 3 years, Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG) taxation rules will be applicable. If an investor opt for a Systematic Withdrawal Plan, liquid funds kept for more than 3 years will be taxed according to the LTCG (Long Term Capital Gains) rules. As of today, the capital gains will be taxed at 10% without indexation benefits and 20% with indexation.

While dividends are not currently taxable, fund houses do pay 25% as dividend distribution tax to the government. Consequentially, the returns are reduced, as this tax forms a portion of the expense ratio under the dividend option.

Final thoughts
Today, astraditional methods of investment are losing their shine, many risk-averse investors are actively looking to invest in low-risk avenues that can offer them superior benefits and more liquidity. While liquid funds do offer a platform for quick wealth multiplication, investors do need to look at the prevailing tax laws to decide which option suits them the most.

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Do the Top-Rated Diet Supplements Actually Work!

Do the Top-Rated Diet Supplements Actually Work!

Forget that everyone needs to "embrace" his or her curves. The truth is, being fat (not the type of fat you can throw a nutrition shake at, high body mass index kind of fat) does increase your risk of some opportunistic diseases, especially fat loving ones like heart attacks.

So as much as people should be encouraged to love their bodies, caution should be made against complacency.

One study by Harvard University found that extra weight was the leading cause of more than 50 health problems. Most of which are the leading causes of death in the US (like diabetics, stroke).

The good news is, losing weight does drastically reduce a person's chances of contacting these diseases. So, care needs to be taken when deciding the type of weight loss program to embark on.

Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Due to hectic schedules, most people turn to dietary supplements for weight loss to achieve their goals. But do these supplements usually work? Also, how do you even choose since some of the really "best sellers" sometimes have negative reviews.

The first thing to remember is that people have different reactions to different substances. So, a side effect in Mr. X may not be noticed in Mrs. Y Next, you need to check what the active ingredients are in a weight loss supplements for losing weight. And lastly, check the clinical trials that have been held for such supplements.

Take a look at some of the most highly rated dietary supplements for weight loss supplements in the market. Note their ingredients, so that even if you don't end up with any of them, you'll at least know what to be on the lookout for later.

1. Phenocal

Phenocal, made by Pharmaxa labs, is at the top of the list, due to its skillful combination of various natural ingredients, like Chromium, Fucoxanthin, green tea extract and a few others. Hence the active ingredients in just one tablet help in suppressing appetite and boosting your body's energy consumption. All enviable weight loss goals,

This weight loss supplements is so sure of its effectiveness, it has a money back guarantee if you don't lose weight after consistently taking their supplements as prescribed.

2. Green Coffee Plus

Made in the UK, this weight loss supplement for women and men utilizes the caffeine found in roasted coffee and the chlorogenic acid that can be extracted from green coffee beans. This chlorogenic acid, which is lost when processing coffee, is retained when coffee is processed in its natural form. The preserved chlorogenic acid binds with fat, so that it can pass from your body when you're having bowel movements.

3. Lipozene

Main ingredient is glucomannan, which is known for its high dietary fiber. Mimics satiety and suppresses hunger pangs. So even though it isn't really doing anything, it's stopping you from eating whatever you see by tricking you into thinking you're not hungry. And if you have ever tried losing weight, you'll know that half the work is in stopping yourself from putting on extra weight.

4. Phen275

These supplements work by targeting your fat stores and shrinking fat cells so that there won't be any fat around your body's organs. Each tab contains 500 mg of appetite suppressants to help control your poor feeding habits,

5. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The fruit this is extracted from is native to South East Asia and India. You can see how you'd have trouble eating them naturally, So the extracts are the alternatives to the real thing.
The way the body works, glucose that cannot be broken down, perhaps due to insulin shortages, are stored as fat. Garcinia Cambogia by-passes this conversion to fat step so that your body stores even less fat.

6. Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim is a well-known weight loss supplement. Alpha-lipoic acid is the final main active ingredient in Plexus Slim. It’s an antioxidant that’s actually produced within the body and is contained in every single one of our cells. It’s what helps turn glucose into energy (the alternate option being glucose being stored as fat). We find plexus slim reviews from different users that it has been helping to reduce obesity in obese humans.

Wrapping It Up

As long as you're looking, dietary supplements for weight loss will always keep popping up. Beside that you can take meal replacement shake as a weight loss supplement. The best way to determine which one to choose is to check the active ingredients.

Note that while some of the ingredients in these supplements work really well on their own, they might turn harmful or ineffective when taken with other medications. So, you should always ask your doctor about your weight loss supplements if you are on any medication.

That said, weight loss supplements, when taken right, do have visible effects on their users, just pick the one you think suits you, and give it a try.