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What is a Scrum Master and how do I become one?

What is a Scrum Master and how do I become one?


What is a Scrum Master?

The Scrum methodology is a methodology which has been designed and created to make the task of managing large software development projects simpler and easier. It has been designed and created by a committee of very intelligent, seasoned, experienced, and wise professionals who possess decades of experience from working in the field of software development.

The Scrum methodology provides several tools and techniques with the help of which team leaders and project managers all around the world are able to lead, direct, and manage their projects in a much better way. As a result, businesses and organizations all around the world have adopted the Scrum methodology fully and whole-heartedly.

A scrum master is one of the members of the Scrum team. In fact, he is the most important member of the Scrum team. He has several important functions, roles, and responsibilities to shoulder in the Scrum team. The first responsibility that he has to shoulder is that of being a servant leader.

A servant leader is the de facto leader of the team but he does not lead the Scrum team directly. Instead, he shows the Scrum team how to behave, how to act, and how to function by his personal example. Thus, he sets an example and the Scrum team members have to follow in his footsteps.

Another very important function that the scrum master performs is the function of monitoring and overseeing all the communication which takes place in between the members of the Scrum team and in between the Scrum team and the rest of the workforce of the business or organization.

He does this by establishing several fixed and regulated channels of communication. He ensures that all the communication which takes place in between the members of the Scrum team and in between the Scrum team and the rest of the workforce of the business or organization is carried out through the medium of those communication channels only and not independently of them.

He also ensures that all the communication carried out through these communication channels is carried out according to the principles and guidelines of the Scrum methodology only. In this way he keeps the team focused on the project vision and project goals and does not let them get deviated by any conversations not directly related to the project at hand.

How to become a Scrum Master?

The process to become a Scrum master is very simple, but it can hardly be called easy. It is no cakewalk to become a Scrum master. One has to put in a lot of hard work and has to have a lot of dedication, patience, perseverance, commitment, endurance, and fortitude.

There are two main steps to becoming a certified scrum master -

1. Take the CSM certification training.

2. Clear the CSM certification exam successfully.

Now we will explain both the steps to the reader one by one. The first step is taking the CSM certification training. This step is mandatory for becoming a scrum master. The CSM certification training consists of a workshop which is 2 days long and has a total duration of 16 hours only.

The learner must register for the workshop with any reputed training institute or educational course provider. They should take special care that the training institute with which they are registering is a CST or a Certified Scrum Trainer.

This is because very often the case is that the training institute is not registered as a CST with the Scrum Alliance and is instead running under its own direction without any official authorization from Scrum Alliance to offer the CSM certification training to the general public.

These unscrupulous elements try to take advantage of the general public by offering the CSM certification training without any authorization from Scrum Alliance. Their scrum master certification courses tend to be low-quality, incomplete, inaccurate, and overpriced. As a result, the general public who go to these training institutes are cheated out of their hard earned money.

The second step, which is clearing the CSM certification exam successfully, needs no elaborate explanation other than that the learner will have to study very carefully and conscientiously.

Are there any eligibility requirements for taking the workshop?

There are absolutely no eligibility requirements for taking the workshop. This is one of the many good things about the world of the Scrum methodology. There are no advanced and sophisticated educational requirements for becoming a certified scrum master. Anyone from any background or any walk of life can take the scrum master certification course and change their life for the better.

With what mentality should I take the workshop?

The learner should have a very serious and studious mentality while taking the scrum master certification workshop. The workshop is only 2 days long and has a total duration of 16 hours only. This means that the entire Scrum methodology syllabus will be condensed by the instructors into 16 hours of fast-paced learning.

Therefore, the learners are advised to bring their full attention to bear during the workshop and are also advised to take copious notes of whatever they are taught so that they can review the material at will later on.

What Do You Need To Think About When You Are Picking Upholstery for Your Car?

What Do You Need To Think About When You Are Picking Upholstery for Your Car?

If you are trying to find the right upholstery for your car, you know that you have numerous options in front of you. Do you want to go with the cheapest option available? Do you want to go with a fancy, luxury option? How can you find the right upholstery to meet your requirements? There are several important points you should keep in mind. To learn more about finding the right upholstery for your car, and how you can take care of it, click here!

How Long Is the Material Going To Last?

First, you need to think about how long the material is going to last. You want to get as many years of use out of your car as possible. This means you have to find the right upholstery for your car as well. If the upholstery in your motor vehicle begins to degrade, this is going to hurt the overall value of your car. The easiest way to deal with this is too strong, durable upholstery for your car at the outset. That way, you know the interior of your car has been built to last. 

What Do You Have To Do To Take Care of the Fabric or Leather?

Next, you also need to think about what you need to do to take care of the interior of your car. Do you have to get the interior of your car detailed every few months? Do you have to apply a special finish to the interior to take care of it? You need to know this information ahead of time. That way, you know how much money you expect to spend on the interior of your car. 

How Are You Going to Protect it From Being Damaged?

Furthermore, you need to think about how you can protect the interior of your car from being damaged. One of the easiest ways you can protect the upholstery of your car is to find the right car seat cover. A car seat cover is great because it can protect the interior of your car against food and drink spills, sweat, and other hazards. Furthermore, if you pick the right car seat cover for your car, you can simply remove it and throw it in the wash to make it as good as new once again. This is also a great way for you to show off your own personal style. 

Make Sure You Choose the Right Upholstery for Your Car

Ultimately, there is a lot you need to keep in mind if you are looking for a way to pick the right upholstery for your car. You need to think carefully about the quality of the material, the durability of the material, and how you can protect it. If you pick the right upholstery for your car, you can place the interior of your vehicle in the best position possible to stand up to routine wear and tear, environmental hazards, and more.


How To Prevent Tooth Pain?

How To Prevent Tooth Pain?


Tooth pain is one of the most usual problems that you can face. However, if you’re feeling such pain, it’s necessary to consider the source of your pain. Only then you would be able to figure out the method to get relief from the ache. 

You can try some simple homemade and natural remedies to get rid of minor tooth pain. However, if the issue is severe and long-lasting, visit a dentist. 

Simple remedies to get rid of tooth pain 

Following are some simple methods that you can use to cure your tooth pain:-

        Rinse your teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide– This rinse or mouthwash is very useful for inflammatory aches. Along with decreasing the amount of plaque, it also kills the bacteria. Hydrogen Peroxide also cures the affected gums. 


        Apply tea bags on affected portions– Another very useful home remedy is tea bags. They cure the sensitivity of the teeth and gums and help to reduce the pain. Warm bags on the sensitive areas would give a soothing feeling. 


        Apply the extract of Vanilla on damaged areas– The extract of Vanilla comprises an alcohol. Alcohol is utterly useful to soothe tooth pain. It has features of antioxidants. Apply it to affected areas with the help of a cotton pad. 


        Use crushed leaves of Guava– This is an ingredient that ensures anti-inflammation. Also, the leaves are antimicrobial. Hence, crushed leaves of Guava can be an excellent pain healer. 


        Use diluted Thyme as mouth wash– This antibacterial ingredient if diluted with water can be utilized as an excellent mouthwash to heal tooth pain. It also contains antioxidants. 


        Rinse your teeth with salted water– This is a first-aid treatment to heal tooth pain. This naturally produced disinfectant can relieve you from inflammation and other oral lesions. Often, it is suggested by a professional Finchley Dentist.  


        Use crushed garlic– Crushed garlic is extremely beneficial for removing harmful bacteria. It removes plaque and heals pain as well. 


        Dab clove oil on an affected portion– For a long time, clove and the oil extracted from the clove are used to cure tooth pain. It has anti-inflammatory qualities and can be used as a mouthwash when diluted with water. 


        Use the juice of Wheatgrass as a mouthwash– This particular ingredient has several curing abilities. It prevents any kind of dental infections. The high amount of chlorophyll in it is useful to kill harmful bacteria. 

These are some simple ingredients that would help you to prevent toothache at its initial stage. However, if you’ve symptoms like severe swelling, fever, abnormally bleeding gums, breathing problems, you should immediately consult a dentist. They would prescribe you some medical relievers based on the type of your tooth pain. 

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How long does it take to build up stamina?

How long does it take to build up stamina?


One of the most important factors for having great sex is male stamina. Men have been trying for centuries to lengthen their sex lives. But in today's culture where everything is fast-paced and more time is spent in front of the computer than behind it, men have become frustrated and confused about how to improve their prowess. Here are some tips on how to improve your male stamina.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to add a little zest to your love life is by doing a little exercise. Even a little brisk walk or jog in the morning can burn off some unwanted pounds. It will also help improve your cardiovascular health. Just do it on a daily basis and you'll soon see the results.

Another way to stay in bed is by doing penis exercises that stretch the penis. These work on the same level as exercises for the penis itself. The results are amazing! It's like having another guy at your disposal that can give you an orgasm whenever you want.

You should not think that you're lacking in the bedroom because you do not have the stamina to please her. If you are feeling a little frustrated with yourself right now, try self-hypnosis to calm your nerves. This is one of the best things you can do for increasing your male stamina.

For your next session, you can try something else entirely. A new sexual position can change your entire outlook on lovemaking. There is nothing sexier than making love from behind. It puts the focus on the female instead of the male and makes it much more exciting. Another tip is to experiment with different positions so that you can discover which position gives you the best result. Checkout the best male enhancement pills review to boost up your stamina.

These simple changes alone can make a world of difference. You will feel more in control, and your girl will be begging to get more. And the best thing about this is... male stamina will show through and you will be man enough to please any woman you want to.

So if you want to give your girl the best sex of her life, learn some female enhancement secrets that will dramatically increase your stamina. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is or where you are. When you are in bed, you want to give it your all, so do whatever you can to improve your male stamina. You don't even need pills... there is plenty of other great information that can boost your stamina naturally

The best way to get better at giving a woman pleasure is to use your imagination. You want to become a master of the bedroom and stimulate her completely. Make her feel like the only person in the world that matters. You can do this by finding new ways to make love, surprising her in the shower, going out on a romantic date and more. Also checkout Sad Quotes About Pain And Love In Hindi.

The more fun and spontaneous you are in bed, the more she will enjoy it and climax. Just remember that the main thing you need to improve your male stamina is to take your time. This is the most important tip to getting your girl home with you. If you are both focused and passionate, you can count on having rock hard erections every single time.


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What’s Essential In Your Tackle Box?

What’s Essential In Your Tackle Box?


Fishing is an interesting, exciting and challenging activity. You need to make lots of hard efforts in order to catch fish in your net. Needless to mention it creates lots of mess if proper planning and preparation is not done well-in-advance before you start with this activity. You definitely need proper and suitable fishing rod, reel and other equipment so as to facilitate this activity and remain successful in it in the long run. There are so many smaller things such as lures, line breaks and hooks that may get lost or misplaced while you are engaged in fishing. You may find it difficult to get the same when needed. This problem can be resolved by using a box that may help in keeping all such things safe and in an organized manner. Here are some of the things that you must essentially have in your box:-

Fish lures and baits

Definitely, it is quite important to keep different types of lures and baits in your tackle box before you go out for fishing. It is because you may attract large numbers of fish by using such lures and baits. Since baits and lures are generally small in size therefore you may keep them safe in the box.

Some spare hooks and fishing line

Again it is important to keep some spare hooks and fishing line too in your box. In case, the hook or the fishing line being used by you breaks down or gets damaged, you may have ready and easier access to the spare hooks and fishing lines. Hence you may continue with fishing.

Keep a rag or towel for sure

To clean your hands, or to handle a slippery fish or other such things, a rag or towel may prove to be greatly helpful and useful. Hence you must essentially keep a rag or towel in the box so that the same may be used whenever needed while fishing.

Bug spray, sunscreen and hat must also be kept

Bugs, mosquitoes and insects are quite common near the water bodies. Also you have to spend considerable time under the sun to catch fish. To make sure that you remain protected against bugs and mosquitoes as well as from the harsh rays of the sun, you must remember to keep bug spray, sunscreen as well as a hat in your box.

First aid kit is also important

Again it is important to carry a small first aid box with all the essential things such as an antiseptic, cotton etc. in it while planning for fishing.  Thus you must keep the same in your box before you leave.

With all these essentials in your box, you may enjoy fishing in a hassle-free manner and get pleasure from this activity to the full extent. Also it keeps you stress-free in all respects.

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How to Ace an Online Interview? Four Tips to Consider

How to Ace an Online Interview? Four Tips to Consider


Job interviews can be intimidating, especially if the prospective employer requests for a face-to-face chat online. Online interviews gained popularity after the coronavirus outbreak but they are here to stay. Although more or less same to in-person meetings, there are a few differences to be aware of. For example, depending on the kind of online interview, you may have to record your answers instead of having a live interaction.

Make sure you are thoroughly prepared because the entire session will be converted into a text document, and each of your response will be closely analysed later. If you are under the misconception that you can say whatever you want and the employer will miss out, you are wrong! In order to enhance the recruitment process, almost all the top-notch organizations nowadays use online interview transcription services.

Mentioned below are four tips to ace online job interviews. Please check them out right now.

Test Run the Computer

A major segment of the population perceives technology as something overwhelming. In case of online interviews, you need to find a medium that you feel the most comfortable with and that your prospective employer will also approve of. Some common options are Face Time, Skype, and Zoom. Test the internet connection along with audio capabilities to make sure everything is functioning seamlessly.

Prior to logging, be totally informed about the format. Here are some questions to ask:

·         Is it audio interview or both audio and video?

·         How many chances do I get to record an answer?

·         Can I start the session if there is technical difficulty?

Remove Distractions

Get rid of anything that could obstruct the conversation including email and phone notifications on the computer. Make sure no one is around when you are giving your interview. Several individuals told that have cats walk on top of their keyboard or just when they were closing the session, their half-clothed husband showed up in the background. Never jeopardize your career.

Dress and Sit Professionally

Although you will not be meeting your prospective employer, you still have to dress and sit professionally. First impressions matter a lot and outer appearance is essential to making a good one. Do not forget to smile. Whether you are recording the answers or talking over video, smile and be as polite as possible.

Select the Ideal Spot

The spot you choose must not be dark but also keep a distance from the overhead lights. If possible, try to sit by the window. Natural light is the best probably because bad light can cause interruption. A glare could make it quite challenging for the interviewer to see you properly, and always put your best foot forward.

Finally, yet importantly, do not stress too much.  The online conferences are utilized usually in the first round because they save a substantial amount of money and time in addition to levelling the field for the applicants. The good news is there will be an in-person meeting most likely down the road, providing you the opportunity to create a more profound impression.

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Increase your memory power using phenylpiracetam powder

Increase your memory power using phenylpiracetam powder

All human beings in this world wish to lead a healthy lifestyle for the betterment of their life. Health plays a major role in everyone’s life and without proper maintenance and condition of healthy people cannot enjoy their life happily and cannot quickly do any sort of work. They may also feel sick and get attacked by more viruses and diseases easily. It is not a hard task to take care of your health. Having sufficient water, proper foods and dosages can keep you fit and healthy for a longer time. They made many pills and capsules available in the market to help people with health issues and diseases.

Medical usage of quercetin

High inflammation and blood pressure are the common health problem faced by many people throughout the world. It is a minor problem, but sometimes the cause of this problem may lead a person to face major health issues. Quercetin is a type of capsule that is useful for treating chronic diseases and damages that are caused by the free radicals in the human body when people consume at the expected quercetin dosage. It is used to treat the effects of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory that are useful in reducing prostate inflammation. Some studies suggested quercetin may reduce the level of fat caused by oxidation and help in improving the power of overall antioxidants in the blood.

Optimum Level of dosage

You should take this only after the consultation of your health care providers and should not take it on your own without consulting them. The level of dosage must be maintained properly and it should not get increased, decreased, or stopped without getting an opinion from the health care provider. The high level of dosage may lead to kidney problems, so the user must have complete care at its usage level. The level of dosage may vary for the person and the common amount taken by the people should be about 500mg per day and some people can take about 1000mg of daily dose based on their health condition.

Remedial measure for memory

Many people have a common problem of insufficient memory power and lack in their physical strength. This is one of the major health problems faced by many people, and they have developed many solutions to overcome them easily. People use phenylpiracetam powder as a natural remedy for their mental well-being. It is nothing but a designer drug that belongs to the amide group, and people refer to it as fonturacetam hydrazide. The Russian research group initially developed it in 1980 through a thorough investigation of chemical compounds.

Knowing the benefits and usage

The research says that they can use it for treating various issues like mental problems, brain damages, caffeine, and also helps in improving the mood and coordination of a person. It also increases sensory perceptions and enhances the level of motivation. The phenylpiracetam should be taken at a normal dosage of 100-200mg accurately 2-3 times a day. You can take it in the cyclic routine of one week on and one week off.

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Melanotan Freckles; The Tanning Injection- A Guide

Melanotan Freckles; The Tanning Injection- A Guide

Let’s be honest, andmany might have experienced the “oh, please, I want that too!” moment when seen actors and actresseshad beautiful tanned skin. It’s attractive and also addicting for one, wanting to be the same way.

And trust me, it’s not easy. Anyone who would’ve tried it knows that it isn’t. Also, it’s not just the fact that it isn’t easy but also the fact that it’s highly damaging. One may wonder why, and the answer is simple if one knows that sunlight has ultraviolet rays along with it. Overexposure to these UV rays is highly damaging, a major cause for skin damage and also a reason for skin cancer.

And that’s when an alternative method opts my many, Melanotan Freckles, a type of tanning injection which promises to cause the required tanning as one wants.

How do these tanning injections work?

Explaining in simple words, these tanning injections enter the body to produce an effect that triggers and causes the release of melanin, the pigment responsible body colour, the more the amount of melanin in the body, the darker is the skin colour.

To understand more, here’s a biological explanation.

There are two types of Melanotan Freckles Injection. Both the injections follow the same purpose of copying the hormone, alpha-melanocyte, responsible for melanin secretion in the body by reaction with the melanocortin receptors.

How to use Melanotan injections?

It’s pretty simple to use Melanotan injections. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if one wants to take the injection.

        The first thing is the Melanotan comes as a powder. To make it a solution, it needs to be in sterile water in proper ratios, depending on skin type, existing colour, and the final desired colour; all of these need different proportions.

        It’s not a one-time thing. Just like maintaining a good face and skin requires constant efforts, the same goes if one wants to tan their skin using tanning injections. For best and continuous results, a regular and recommend dosage of injections are necessary. Though sometimes one may go on for months without using these injections, they’ll have to start the injections again if they desire the same result.

        One may wonder where to take the injection, whether is it under the skin or direct insertion into the muscles, well the location doesn’t matter, and one can choose it on their own till the time the Melanotan is going inside the body.

Though there are various things to keep in mind and keep in check, if one wants to, they can opt for the injections. But it’s better to look out for skin type and check if they’re having a particular ant reaction after the first usage.

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Learning the art of trading from podcasts

Learning the art of trading from podcasts

In recent years, podcasts have become a common part of society. Many people have their independent station where they would entertain the populace. With the rise of the internet and applications that offer autonomy to an individual, this is the best way to become independent. Currency trading is booming recently though, as businesses suffered in the coronavirus pandemic. The search for new income sources is constant and resources are piling up online to educate customers. Websites offer educational lessons and professionals write blogs. Beginners focus on that to learn basic skills in Forex. However, personalized finance-oriented podcasts are on the rise. 

Many retail traders are using this platform to spread financial knowledge in the community. This concept is relatively new but it isslowly gaining momentum to earn money. In this article, we will describe this method and provide an insight into how people can benefit from podcasts. Anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge should read on to find out the unexplored opportunities given by this novel source of information.

Audio stories help to maintain focus on tasks

The main reason traders are coming to prefer podcasts over other resources is the flexibility of them. You can follow them whenever it’s convenient.  Unlike a video tutorial where a person has to pause every second to understand the chart, one can keep listening without worrying about missing a task. This allows the investor to work simultaneously with a focused mindset. As podcasts are mainly audio lessons, the majority can continue their work during the playback. This advantage is preferred by the community as they like to speed up the process. 

Reading a blog post also takes time and you have to focus on the contents. Individuals appearing on podcasts can talk about any strategies without distracting listeners from their work. Once you develop basic knowledge by listening to the podcast, sign up for a free trial with Saxo. Trade with the demo account and evaluate your performance. If you manage to make a consistent profit for a few months, without any doubt the podcast has changed your life. If not, you need to do some more research and find some more authentic pieces of information.

A source of personalized knowledge and experience

You cannot get this experience in other places where a person would open up and share their life stories. Instead of mastering mundane strategies, having an alternative can be inspiring. This benefit attracts people to subscribe to this form of media as a source of education. Occasionally, an investor would come across unexpected situations and struggle really hard. The global economy is unpredictable and even the best traders can fail. These experiences and the way to manage them are not found in daily lessons. Investors can associate themselves with personal experiences by thinking of themselves in the place of other investors. This improves their understanding of how to come out of a bad experience unscratched.

Can help to manage adverse situations

Traders will face many scenarios in their careers. Resources are designed to provide a common instruction but when those times come to an end, maintaining consistency can be difficult. Recommendations may not be found on common lessons but a person sharing a life story might help you to overcome difficulties. This industry is evolving and participants should focus on using new methods to cope with the market. Develop an open mindset and embrace changes as part of developing your career.

Podcast lessons are interactive

This interactive session can help an investor to succeed. Brokers only offer certain articles focused on common scenarios but never interacts. In these programs, people can expect to get an immediate reply. This provides a smooth experience in learning and removes the confusion from the mind. Traders prefer to get help from a person than having a solution rolled out to the public in Forex. But while choosing a podcast session, do some research on the mentors involved. The mentors must have a proven track record in the financial industry or else there is no reason to trust their advice. Be smart while learning new things from this up and coming medium.