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Choosing the best Port Network Switch for Security Camera


Since there hasn't been rapid development within modern IP technology in the camera system, the IP surveillance system is becoming more and more popular. In other words, every new wireless camera systems come with tipping point with the revenue for network. These IP based cameras systems need right equipment to work effectively for long. When you for network systems, you will find different types options available. From 4 port network switch to 8 port switch, you can choose as per the requirement for wireless camera system.

This article presents you with tips on choosing best port network switch.

What is PoE switch for in IP cameras?

A PoE switch is designed to provide power supply and data connection to power the Ethernet IP camera systems through single network. The PoE switch comes with multiple ports that can help in supporting more than two IP cameras.

How to select and buy PoE switch for IP cameras?

There are different factors to consider when shopping for network switch for wireless camera systems.

Factor 1-Switches-

When setting up the IP camera system, learning about switches becomes important. Network switch is a computer networking device helping to connect wider networks. The switch is an integral part of modern Ethernet local area network, and it can have more switches. You can select 4 port network switch or more depending on the requirement.

Factor 2- Power Consumption-

PoE doesn't only carry network connection but also power supply for IP cameras. However, the power consumption of IP cameras varies. Some are able to draw 20 Watt like the PTZ IP cameras RLC-423, while others up to 3 watt. Also, there are two types of power over Ethernet (PoE) standards which could provide power up to 15.4 W DC. Always choose the PoE switch that is compatible with the camera system and do check the PoE IP camera power consumption.

Factor 3- PoE Switch Power Supply Voltage-

There are many security cameras running on 12V or 24V. In case, the camera doesn’t receive the required power, then it won't work. Sometimes, it may even get overloaded. If you have 12V IP camera and getting 24V power source then the system will get burned. So when you look for the networks switch for IP camera system, check its abilities to automatically adjust the voltage accordingly. For instance, 24 ports PoE switch having 370w power supply for 24 IP camera, the result will be positive.

Factor4- Gigabit PoE switch or not-

PoE switch isn't limited to power supply, but also carrying network connection. The Gigabit switch gets upper hand in comparison with 10/100 Mbps switch to avid switch becoming data bottleneck.


It is important that you have a basic idea about the port network switch for IP camera system that gives out good result. The ultimate aim is to make the wireless camera system work perfectly and gives out good result for long term.

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