Sunday, May 31, 2020

Stand Mixer Advantages and Disadvantages


A stand mixer is used to reduce the time you spend on cooking. It can be difficult to choose a kitchen mixer as there are many varieties available in the market. The main part of stand mixers is a mixing bowl, base stand, and other several attachments. Various tasks can be done with a stand mixer. If you want to purchase a new stand mixer, then this article will help you to explore the advantages and disadvantages of it. 

Feature of stand mixers 

A kitchen stand mixer comes with a powerful motor and a mounting base. A bowl is attached to it when the mixing process takes place. The bowl of stand mixers can hold 3.5 liters of liquid. The kitchen stand mixers are designed in a way that it can be kept on the countertop. 

The stand mixer has a variety of attachments. Some attachments available in stand mixers are whisk attachment and a beater. These attachments help to whip egg whites and help in kneading heavy dough. 

Advantages of the stand mixer 

·      No mess 
As the best stand mixer comes with huge bowls, the batter does not splash everywhere. Your kitchen will be clean even after using a stand mixer.

·      Helping hand 

The bowl of the stand mixer is stable, so you can do other work when the mixer is working. It provides a helping hand in the kitchen as it automatically does its task without disturbing you. You may not need to continuously watch the mixer till the work is done as the mixer works perfectly. 

·      Effective work 

This mixer kneads even heavy dough and thick batter very effectively. The mixing process of the stand mixer is very quick. The mixing task is also done efficiently. 

·      Innovation 

Recently, the stand mixers come with advanced features. They are user-friendly, innovative, and durable. Some of the innovative features of the machine are the timer, automatic switch-off option, and other customizable settings. 

Disadvantages of the stand mixer 

·      Inconvenience

The working part of the machine is hassle-free, but the cleaning part can be tough. There are several areas in the stand mixer that can be difficult to clean. Dirt, batter, and dough remaining get stuck in the areas that are difficult to clean. This disadvantage of the mixer causes great inconvenience for users. 

·      Cost 

The stand mixers can be quite expensive. Due to its great quality, the product comes with a high price. Hand mixers are available at economical rates, but the stands mixers are expensive, and it is not affordable by many people.

·      Heavyweight 

As the stand mixers are heavy, it is tough to lift and move them to different places. While transporting the mixer, there are high possibilities of dropping it. Generally, the stand mixers come in large sizes, and finding a place for it to fit in the kitchen can be difficult. 

As a coin has two sides, every machine has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the above-given information will help you to purchase a stand mixer that has great advantages, and that comes with lesser disadvantages. 

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