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Gratuity- Eligibility, Rules 2019, and Calculation Formula


Gratuity is an amount paid to an employee on account of his/her long term association with an organization or firm. To be eligible for gratuity, an employee has to complete at least five years of service. You are also eligible for this amount if you change your job after five years of continuous service in an organization. If the gratuity amount goes unclaimed till retirement, then the employee will receive it after retirement.

Let us see how gratuity is calculated in India:

Gratuity calculation formula depends on the last drawn salary of the employee and his/her period of service. Earlier, the tax exemption limit on gratuity was Rs. 10 lakhs which has been increased up to Rs. 20 lakhs as per the latest amendment bill.

There are two formulae according to which the gratuity is calculated. The first formula which applies to the organizations that are covered under the gratuity act is as follows:

          Gratuity = (the last drawn salary) x (total years of service) x (15/26)

The second formula applies to the organizations which are not covered under the gratuity act but still prefer to pay gratuity to their employees. The formula applicable in this case is as follows:

          Gratuity = (the last drawn salary) x (total years of service) x (15/30)

You must remember that the last drawn salary includes basic salary and other fixed components that can be seen on your salary slip. Dearness allowance, performance incentives or any other variable pay are not considered while calculating the final gratuity amount.

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