Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A reliable guide for Small Business Phone system



Technology has immensely driven our minds in the modern world. Everything has been shifted in hands and a new world has been created that is called a virtual world. This world has its own population and its own reality and there is a bridge between this virtual reality and the reality of the world. This bridge bridges the gap between these two worlds.

As technology, has conquered everything through internet, a new mode of communication has been developed. This communication mode is followed in small businesses these days and is known as small business phone system. A small business phone system is a calling system which is used in startups and small businesses these days. in this system a calling is called virtual calling or a calling which is based on internet. This virtual calling allows a business to do many thing as it has many advance features related to it like:

Call Forwarding: there might be number of people calling at the same time and it is difficult to take all the calls at a time by one person. So, in this feature a person can call whenever he wants and if phone is engaged then his call will be automatically forwarded to the next line and another person will pick it up.

Call recording: This is another most important feature. In this calls can be recorded automatically or manually as per the requirements. Call recording is an Important thing as per the new rules also. It steers away all the threats of frauds and threat calls. Also, it allows as a feature of feedback by listening to a person what he wants and what can be done in future to improve it.

Automated calls: automated calls or virtual receptionists is a feature of responding automatically whenever a person dials a phone. A computer will reply all the FAQs, frequently asked questions and can also forward the calls if needed for some further query.

Voice mails: This system is mostly opted for internal communication of an organization. in this feature a person can leave voice mails and these voice mails can be heard later.

Remoteness or mobility: These days’ businesses are mobile in nature and are established all over the places. And the major way of communication are mobile numbers and if that number will change all the chords and connections will be broken but in this virtual calling system there is no such tension of mobile numbers. These virtual phones can be fitted anywhere anytime with just an internet connection.

There are majorly two types of virtual calling system in small business phone system that are PBX and VoIP.

PBX is an upgrade of the existing hardline and mobile communication. It uses PSTN system or public switched telephone network.

VoIP is an advanced feature and could be said as the one of the best. As the name suggests It uses internet and cloud based technology to make calls. This system is most affordable and reliable in terms. It can also integrates with your existing communication network.

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