Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The BRIK Charger Is Your Juul’s Best Friend


In contemporary times, hardcore tobacco smokers are making a switch to non-combustible nicotine delivery system. Thanks to the induction of the JUUL vaporizer that has pioneered this change in smoking culture. Although alternatives to tobacco were already present in the market, none of these have single-handedly dominated 75 percent of the market share.
The transition from smoking to vaping may not be smooth not undermining the fact that the users of JUUL never felt to restore their smoking habits. If you are new to handling JUUL, then you may find it difficult to adjust with the rapid exhaustion of the battery. A non-functioning JUUL is not desirable if you are serious get yourself free from the clutch of tobacco smoking.
Do not expect a miracle if you forget to charge your JUUL overnight. It will drop dead before the end of the next day. Worse, if you have to attend an event be prepared for some anxious moments as you search for outlets to recharge with your conventional USB charger.  If you have been in this situation before then, you will understand what I mean to say.
It can be frustrating to find that your JUUL is temporarily down and you have a strong craving for a bit of nicotine.  Unless you are meticulous in regularly charging your JUUL, which most of us are not, you may find yourself in a predicament when least expected like sitting on the couch or lying in bed.
You may feel that a portable charger can offer a comprehensive solution to this problem. It is a good idea to put for beliefs into the test. If you surf the internet for portable chargers, you may feel disappointed as the options of charging cases are limited. Further, you may find them heavy, poorly manufactured, oddly shaped, and heavily priced for their low-quality design.
The only exception is the BRIK charger. It is undoubtedly an indispensable JUUL accessory available in the market. This charger is the brainchild of JUUL users. Supporting three full charges the device has a magnetic chamber ensuring your JUUL clings to it.  Its sleek aluminum finish renders an aesthetic look.  The recharging time is quite acceptable. Its micro USB cables will get your BRIK charger ready in less than an hour.  Each of these devices comes with a unique serial number. You can use it to get it registered for a limited time warranty.
Here comes the good news, BRIK JUUL charger price has scaled down to $30. You can place an order online and receive the free shipment.  We are expanding the horizons of our operation. Currently, we have stores and smoke shops in Connecticut, Chicago, Miami, and New York. In our Commitment to offer you the best customer service we have put in place an efficient customer service team that will respond to your queries at the earliest.  You can use our store locator for finding a BRIK charger at the same price that we are offering in our website.     

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