Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Methods Ensuring Your Shopping Centre Car Parks Security


Most people prefer heading to the shopping centre featured with convenient car parking. And therefore today’s smart shopping centres always emphasize over to make car park areas not only simple & easy but accident-free for customers too. What methods does it need to follow to make sure the security and safety of the parking space? Let’s check it out.

1.Install safety barriers
Installing a car park barrier is needed so that only authorized vehicles will be entered. This also helps to prevent car going over the edge of high-level car parks. Safety barriers are also important in respect of controlling and reducing vehicle speeds in car parking area. Moreover, it creates a safe distance between pedestrians/cyclists and vehicles. Installing these barriers also plays a major role in eradicating risky behaviour.
2. Control access points
The significance of access control cannot be ignored when it comes about safety and security. It is that control access points make sure the safety of the parking situation. A shopping centre must adhere to safety and security of the customer. And the most simple and effective defence for a shopping centre car parking area happens at the access point. Talking about prominent direct sort of access control, they include a key card, button, keypad, or another form of electronic entry physically attached to the gate mechanism. This way helps for limiting parking to the authorized people. In this context, automatic enter gate featured with motion sensors are also considered quite convenient.
3. CCTV Cameras
Security and surveillance are two important features that every car parking area is needed. The prominent benefit on installing a CCTV camera is that it does not only record the live feed but its presence also plays an important to deterrent to anti-social elements. Today’s market is brimmed with a wide array of CCTV camera including High-definition to Point-tilt-Zoom camera.
4. Roller Shutters
To put in simple words, roller shutter is a type of door or window shutting featured having many steel/ aluminium metal straight bars. These bars are fixed together to protect from damage or accident that can happen in a shopping centre car parking area. The underground parking area is actually prone to burglary or vandalism and this way keeps it safe. Roller shutter imparts protection without any restriction in any way of the view. And this is very difficult to damage or destroys it since they are quite tightly amalgamated with window or door.
5. Get Insured
A shopping centre car parking area is a niche business coming up with insurance needs. Many insurance companies are available with various types of insurance types coming up with great coverage including cookie-cutter coverage and potentially devastating gaps. You may also discuss with an independent insurance agent who can help to find the right kind of specialty coverage to protect your shopping centre car parking lot business right from claiming of injuries or property damage.
Following all these above-mentioned security and safety methods enhances the value of your shopping centre and makes it favourite among the customers. A shopping centre must understand its responsibility towards the safety and security for its customers.

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