Monday, May 31, 2021

Basic Costs Involved When Using Dealer Scan Tools



Though some of the vehicles have built-in diagnostic modes. It allows them to show you the fault codes and other issues via climate control system and instrument panel. Most simply it turns on the check engine light or warning light when a problem occurs. However, without a dealer scan tool, you cannot find the exact problem or make a diagnosis about which component needs to be repaired or replaced.

For simple diagnostics, you may think, all you require is an OBDII code reader, basic scan tool, and scanner software to clear out the fault. But, it is not a proper diagnosis, as codes will not tell you the exact reason for the fault or where it has occurred. To be able to get a complete diagnosis, you’ll need a scanner that can also display the OBD II system sensor data as well as the operating perimeters. Of course, to be able to choose the latest diagnostic equipment you’ll need training and experience.

Invest in Best Tool

Factory scan tools are the best option for workshops that want to offer high-quality diagnostic solutions and not only code reading. However, they are expensive and don’t have the compatibility to work with different vehicle models. In these cases, aftermarket scan tools are your best option. They are capable of providing flexibility and wider coverage. Before investing in diagnostic tools, you have to consider various factors.

For instance, if your specialty doesn’t lie with high-end European vehicles, then we recommend not investing in European software packages. Whereas, if you specialize in Mercedes or another manufacturer, you’ll have to spend on the tool that can offer you as much information on the manufacturer to accurately provide a diagnostic solution.

Another thing to remember while investing in dealer-level scan tools is to consider them as a full set. This may seem more expensive, but it’s not the case. This will save you more money in the long run.

Once you’ve selected the tool, the next step is to keep it up to date for accurate diagnosis. This will involve some additional cost including,

Software Updates

The software in the scanner tool needs to be constantly updated. The vehicle industry is rapidly changing, so does the diagnostic capabilities. Therefore, it is extremely vital to keep the software updated. According to experts like Maverick Diagnostics, each software update adds 45,000 new fault codes and 1500 component function tests that were previously unavailable in software. The updates are usually available on quarterly, six months, or annual basis. So, be aware of when the new one is available, so you are not left behind with advanced diagnostic solutions.


Another cost that you must be ready to spend on is the training of your men. When a new scanning tool is introduced in the market, it comes with some complicated updates. You’ll have to train your garage workers on how to effectively adapt to these changes.

In conclusion, investing in a professional dealer scan tool and keeping it up-to-date are inevitable costs. But it’s worth the investment. You will need the latest tool to stay in the market and keep up with the latest trends for the best diagnostic solutions.


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