Monday, May 31, 2021

6 Steps to A Successful Airplane Purchase



So, you’ve decided to get an aircraft for your business. It’s a great deal. But, now the decision-making process begins. You will need to find a source for airplane financing among other things. It can get complicated even than building a new luxury house. But don’t worry, we’ve you covered. Follow these six steps to ensure the process goes smoother.

Build an Acquisition Team

Unless you are an expert inaviation taxes, finance, insurance, etc. you’ll need a team of experts to carryout the purchase. Furthermore, you’ll require expert assistance to make the key decision including how to design the structure aircraft ownership. Therefore, we would suggest you reach out to pros like Air Fleet Capital. They will help you to save money in the long run.

Decide Your Mission

Firstly, decide what your current travel needs are, the number of passengers who will travel, and the load of the luggage. You also need to determine the expected use in years to come. Most importantly, decide the size of aircraft you need financing for. Buying a small plane will make it difficult to do the job. By contrast, getting a big airplane can cost you a lot more than you anticipated

Decide the Operation Strategy

It is a very important decision to make. Will you handle the aircraft yourself or assign the duty to a management company? Remember, this job isn’t for someone who lacks the relevant experience. Moreover, a management company can take care of all the details including the crew, flying schedule, and maintenance, etc. They can also offer professional flight standards to your business’s operation.

Make a Maintenance Plan

Before applying for financing, the company will need to see a maintenance plan for the plane you are interested in buying. A good comprehensive plan includes all the components including, engine, airframe, cabin, avionic, etc. These plans will give you and the financial company peace of mind.

Train the Crew

The aircraft manufacturers mostly provide pilot and maintenance training as part of the purchase price. The crew hired by you or the management company can fill these spots. Remember, the training after the best airplane financing is usually given by a third-party source. You want your crew to be fully trained before they start carrying out their duties for a safer experience.

Prepare for Delivery Process

Now, this process can take days to several weeks. The airplane is at the acceptance hangar, where you’ll send the maintenance technician for the inspection. They’ll check all the squawks and the things that can be malfunctioned. If there are any problems, the manufacturer will correct them before the delivery. In addition to that, be prepared to carry out the paperwork. Beyond these, the delivery time after the easy aircraft financing also gives you and your team an opportunity to ask the relevant support question about the aircraft. When this due diligence is completed, you can take the plane with you and enjoy the benefits it will offer.

These are some of the steps that will come in handy to make the airplane purchase successful and easy. If you still have concerns, you can take assistance from the company offering you airplane financing.


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