Monday, July 27, 2020

What you will learn in Diploma of Building and Construction Online?


The Diploma of Building and Construction Online course is the ideal training for those who want to learn everything about construction to get into the job market.

For this reason, we bring you an ideal course and complete program content, for proper training.
In this article we will introduce you to this course, showing everything you can learn while doing it, so continue reading and stay closer to your desire.

In the introduction of your Online Building and Construction Course, you will have content that will deal with the product made by civil construction, that is, the purpose of the work.

Mason protection equipment:

In the first unit, you will see what are the tools and protective equipment that the bricklayer should use during his duties on the job.

Consumption of Materials:

At this point in the building and construction course, you will learn how to assess what is the required quantity of each ideal material for each function, so that there is no shortage of waste.


In this unit you will see what counter floor is, you will be shown where it can be used and how it should be done.

Single Layer Coating:

You will see what the single-layer coating is, what its characteristics are, where it can be used, and how it should be done for a good result.


Plastering is well known for its popular language, but in this unit, you will see what it is and how important it is for building.


The plaster has the function of levelling its surface, and in this unit, you will see how to do it and use it correctly.


At this stage of your Diploma of Building and Construction Online, you will learn about roughcasting, seeing what it is, its function, and how to use it correctly.


In this, you will see everything about coatings, learning about its function in the construction, and how it should be done.


Masonry is the construction made with bricks, and in this unit, you will have complete content on this subject, and you will be able to see its advantages and how to do it.

The Execution of Masonry:

In this part, you will go deeper into the theme of masonry, but at this moment it will be more part of the workforce, where you will learn to make this construction in detail.

Concrete dosing:

In this section, you will see how to correctly dose the concrete at the time of use, to guarantee an ideal application and without waste.

Concrete transport and casting:

In buildings, concrete is often brought by trucks, and in this part, you will learn how this transport occurs and how it is launched when it reaches its destination.

Mixing or preparing concrete:

Your concrete will not always come ready, so you need to know how to prepare it if you work in this field, so the course brings you a unit for this purpose.

Cracks and Fissures:

Cracks are things that require some attention and work well done to be resolved, for this reason, you will be prepared to deal with it.

This in-depth online course will fully equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to supervise, plan, manage and complete the building construction.

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