Monday, July 20, 2020

How To Find The Perfect Dog Bed For Your Furry Friend?


There is nothing more comfortable than snuggling in a comfortable and soft bed after a long evening walk or on a winter afternoon. Like humans, dogs too want to lie down and enjoy a sound sleep when tired. Hence, getting a perfect bed for them is truly important. If you are wondering how to choose suitable dog beds for your pets, take a look at the tips below.


The size of your dog matters when it comes to choosing a good bed for them. For instance, a pit bull or a retriever requires a big bed whilst you can pick smaller ones for corgi, cocker spaniel and chihuahua. However, there are three sizes of bed available. Dogs do not sleep in one position. They love to stretch, curl up and even want their chew toys with them. Apart from the length of the bed, the depth also matters. Do not forget to consider it.

Cleaning and maintenance

Choose a bed that you can clean and wash at least twice a month. This will help you keep off flies, bugs and allergens sitting on the mattresses. Moreover, cleaning also controls odours, making the room smell fresh always. If you fail to wash the beds, make sure you clean the cover at least twice a month. Choose a bed that you can easily wash in the washing machine.

Age of your dog

If your dog is young and still loves to chew, you may consider buying a durable bed which is similar to cot style. However, if your pet is senior, you can opt for low orthopaedic mattresses. This provides extra cushioning and is very good for your dog’s joints.


There are heated dog beds available in the market which can give your furry friend a comfortable stay. The beds come with a self-warming system that keeps the bed warmer during the cooler months. The raised beds circulate air everywhere, which keeps your pet cool in the warmer months.


This is one of the crucial factors that you need to keep in mind whilst buying beds. A pillow bed is a perfect choice for those dog owners whose pet loves to stretch and lie straight. A bolstered bed or cuddle is ideal if your pet loves to curl up or sleep with their paws tucked in.

Keep these factors in mind and pick an apt bed for your furry friend.


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