Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Falling for a guy but can’t say “I love You”? Here are some tips for you!


When your heart pounds at someone’s name, you get that coy smile when you see him,you’re your cheeks start to get pinkish when you see him, then, you are in love. And this feeling of falling in love always tries to find a way out from your heart, through your thoughts, words, and action. Saying “I love you” to your love for the first time, of course, sounds the best. There is nothing like it. You, of course, try saying those three magical words to the one you wish to spend your life with, but with your anxieties, shyness, and the doubts if he would say the same or not will keep pulling you back. It is not as easy as it sounds to speak out our heart to someone unless we know that the feelings are mutual. But anyways, keeping these feelings inside the heart won’t help either. When we hide our feelings, we might lose the possibility to get that person in our life and it always feels like something is killing you from inside. So, it is okay to fail but it’s not okay not to try. Even if you are too reluctant to say it directly, you can bring some change to your behaviors to that person which will give him a hint about your hidden feelings. Not only with words, with your gesture, body language, expression of your eyes, and even the silence can also let him know that you are having a special feeling for him. You can easily say  “I love you” once you succeed to win his heart. And with these tips, you are sure to get close to that special one’s heart:

Be yourself

You don’t have to change yourself to impress someone. Sometimes, we fail to be something that we are not and this makes us look desperate and unreal. Be childish, talkative, funny and entertaining if that’s how you are in your real life. You don’t have to show attitude, act sophisticatedly or do something that you don’t like to impress a guy. In fact, the guy might not like it this way at all.

Be confident

Don’t get nervous if you are going on a date with him. Guys like their girls to be independent and confident.

Talk proactively and tell what you want

If you think that guys may not like if you start the conversation, then you are wrong! They actually like it when your message pings on their phone. You can be expressive about anything. They find talkative girls raw and cute.

Give attention to him

Everyone loves to get attention. If you like him, make sure you know the special things about him. However, it should not make you lookcreepy or like a stalker. Just give attention to him when he talks or tells something to you. Once he knows that you care about him, you are surely a step ahead towards her heart.

Do not avoid eye contact when he talks

If you are in a group, and suddenly he starts talking, then you do not look here and there but look right into his eyes. Avoiding eye contact may misinterpret your intentions. He may think that you are uncomfortable or not interested in him. Looking at him intensely can speechless as well! It's your call, so do it wisely!

Give a call to ask “how are you”

Call him once in a while to simply ask “how are you”. This simple and generous gesture will surely let him know that you have some special feelings for him. You never know, any of these calls can be that longest call ever!

Surprise him with gifts on a special occasion

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