Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Why PAT Testing is Important For Businesses


Getting the day-to-day use of equipment & appliances operative at your business space tested by a qualified panel of experts can save many lives and prevent injuries to your employees. Therefore, for different workplaces, PAT testing is a pivotal box to tick in order to ensure that the electrical appliances and equipment are safe and secure to use. 

Moreover, in several states, it is obligatory to call a PAT testing Surrey agency for your appliances testing in order to adhere to the health and safety norms put forth by the government. A recent survey reported that about 15% of the electrical fires in England and Wales are caused by electrical appliances breakdowns and faults, along with broken cables as leading reasons.

Here, in this post, we list the many benefits of PAT testing, so scroll down and have a look: -

Less Chance of Catching Fire

It goes without saying that fire is one of the big reasons for mishappening at workplaces where equipment and appliances are employed. Thereby, hiring a trustworthy PAT testing Surrey company is of paramount importance in order to significantly reduce the likelihood of any appliance catching fire. 

The PAT testers implement all their extensive industry knowledge and practical experience to fully test the appliances. This regular testing will also allow for the minimisation of accidents and liability risks within the workspace.

Appliances Are Safe To Use

The PAT tests are done to establish that the electrical appliances and equipment at your workplace are safe to use for all your employees. Pat testing, is the process of testing regularly all of your electronic devices to ensure that they are effectively maintained, in full working order, and most importantly, safe for your business and for your employees.

Saves Money in The Long-Term

Another reason that suggests that PAT testing Surrey is value for your money invested for your business is that it can save your company against the pricey hefty bills later on. The PAT testing specialists have a wealth of experience & knowledge to detect the problem in the appliance at the earliest so that in the long run can save yours from massive repair bills.

Comply With the Regulations

Getting your appliances and equipment PAT tested, will help you comply with the local state authority regulations. It is highly advisable to reach out to a competent PAT testing company which is having an in-depth knowledge of state rules and regulations on providing a safe environment for your employees. This is both your ethical and legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for your staff to work-in.

Insurance Claims

Pat testing take your business very seriously and having the correct insurance is vital for your comfort.and taken out adequate insurance for our engineers to work in some of the most high profile companies in the UK. In addition to that, you'll be able to get the best deals and discounts on the insurance policy.

However, the above-mentioned benefits are real, but most of the businesses don’t see it as valuable until it really happens to you. This is why it is best to contact a reliable PAT testing agency to save your money in the long-term.

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