Saturday, January 4, 2020

How to install wall papers


These days wall papers and wall stickers have become a very common thing when it comes to wall decors. They are actually innovative and one can install them depending on their choice and theme of the room. In fact, there are different varieties of wall papers and stickers available for different rooms like designer ones of living rooms and vinyl ones for the kitchen and bathroom and many more.

If one wants they can also put up flower wall stickers for living room and the best part is, they can actually install it on their own. This is actually not a very complicated process and when one is doing that, they just need to keep a few things in mind and follow some definite steps:

Choose the right adhesive for the installation

One must know that there are specific adhesives for specific wall papers and so one also needs to have a clear idea on which is a vinyl and which is a paper. Check the wall paper and one can find it written on the bottom corner.

Round up the measurements

For this, one has to do some extra paper works. One needs to order 2 to 4 or more rolls of paper in case there are some overages and wastages. Mistakes are bound to happen even if one is professional and the stores will also sometime not have the particular type. Hence keeping papers extra can be really helpful.

Leveling is very important

The paper that one wants to install has to be level. One has to make sure that they very first sheet that they are installing has to be perfectly level and if things are not flush when one reaches the corner then they need to go for a measuring tape.

Always go for smooth walls

This is also a very important thing to keep in mind. One must start with a smooth wall surface. One can lightly sand the walls and then scrub them down with a wet sponge and some very light detergent. Once the wall gets dried naturally then they can go ahead with the installation.

Know the place from where to begin

One must choose a wall depending on from where they want to begin. Also check the pattern because if they do not do that, then they might end up in the middle of the wall with a mismatched pattern.

Do not reuse the razors

Always remember that the razors can get dull really quickly. One can keep the cuts clean so that they can avoid rips. One needs to buy a few more in order to keep extras in hand.

Book the wall paper

This is necessary because if one does not do that for about 5 minutes then it will expand after and on the wall it will create some bubbles which will not look good.

There are a lot of 3d wall stickers online for living room available and one can easily buy from there and adorn their walls.

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