Sunday, December 8, 2019

How to Bug Mobile Phone with TheOneSpy Bugging


It becomes the need for a time, to bug on your kids or employees or a partner. With advanced digital technology, a gap has come between the parents’ and kids’ relations. Kids share their secrets with friends instead of their parents. There could be many reasons, like if parents are working people so they may not get close to their kids or maybe kids get away from parents because of too much interest in games or social activities.

In businesses, maybe their employees quietly left the organization because they get a better offer from a competitor. Or hardworking employee performance is getting down because of the insane use of time wastage sites or hanging out with colleagues.

To control these situations, spy software special bug features enable the people to monitor all activities of their people and if needed, then they can also act against them. TheOneSpy is one of the popular spy software with advanced features of bugging, to silently and perfectly bug on people. 

TheOneSpy Bugging Software 

TheOneSpy is mobile phone spy software to monitor all activities of the targeted device, whether sent or received text messages, calls, social media activities, account passwords or even live GPS location. But its features give it extra credit over other spy software’s. Users can also get history and weekly, monthly or yearly data analysis reports.

Let us see how its features are useful for people.

Bugging or surround Recording 

To bug or spy on surrounding of the user, TheOneSpy special features done it accurately and effectively. There are following with their usage.

Remotely control over front and back camera for a video of a targeted device

It allows the user to record short video through both the front and back cameras. This handy feature gives true parental over kids and employer control over employees. It enables the user to view all surrounding activities live and record to view what is happening around the targeted device user. So, it helps the user to take an action timely. It allows for a video of 15 seconds to 60 seconds. 

With the video camera bug a user can; 

v  Take control over front and back camera for video. 
v  Save videos and send them automatically to an online account. 
v  Make a schedule for recording videos. 

MIC Bug feature to record surrounding voices and conversations of a targeted device 

It enables the user to turn on the microphone to listen to surrounding voices, whispering or conversations in real-time. This innovative feature works on a single command. As parents cannot track kids all the time, so it helps to shed off your fears. And, if you are a parent and you are out of home, so you can listen to children’s voices and if any guest came, you can listen to all pleasant and unpleasant conversations. Similarly, an employer can check if trustworthy employees are doing inappropriate things.  

With the MIC bug a user can; 

v  Take control over the microphone of the targeted device remotely. 
v  Send many commands of bugs to record conversations or voices. 
v  Saves all voices automatically on an online account. 

Remotely capture photos with camera bug feature

It gives remote access to a camera to view live surroundings. It allows capturing pictures of surroundings instantly on a single command.  If you see your kid is hiddenly meeting with new people or friends, you can take an instant screenshot or if your kid goes to the cinema or restricted places so can take a pic and act on it. If employees meet competitors or secretly go anywhere, the camera bug enables the employer to take instant screenshots. It will also work as proof in case of any legal matter. 

With the camera bug a user can; 
v  Remotely operate the rear and the front camera of the targeted device.
v  Take instant photos or screenshots and send them on an online account.
v  Identify the surroundings of the targeted device.
v  Detect the secret buddies of your loved ones. 


If your loved ones or employees are in big trouble, these spy bug features enable you to view live surrounding activities and to protect your people from a harmful situation. Over time, people are adopting this technology because of its excellent reviews.           

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