Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Artificial intelligence and its applications in telecom industry


Technology has touched each and every aspect of human life. Businesses have started adopting digital solutions which help in improving their overall productivity and turnover. Moreover, various digital solutions and inventions if adopted judiciously can help in improving customer satisfaction. 

Artificial intelligence is one such technological wonder which has revolutionized almost every sphere of human life and businesses. It is a mechanism of developing and programming machines and other equipments in such way that they are able to adapt automatically without any kind of human effort. 

They can provide automatic responses or perform certain tasks which earlier required external human effort. Machines and most importantly computers can be programmed to adapt themselves and provide responses based on their experience. Like a normal human being, software and machines can think perform tasks and even interact with the help of artificial intelligence.

They can be adopted by various businesses and their applications are limitless. Telecom is one such field where artificial intelligence can help in improving its productivity and build a wider customer base. AI for telecom can be used in the form of virtual assistants, chatbots and other services which can help in providing better services for final customers.

They can help in providing automatic responses to customer queries. Moreover, telecom industry and specific companies are inundated with customer complaints and service requests which can be completed with the help of machines or software powered by artificial intelligence.

Chatbots for telecom companies can help with the following:

  1. Giving automatic responses to customer queries and complaints 
  2. Identification of potential market and sales opportunities. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence can help in communication of potential sales opportunities and customer markets to the telecom companies.
  3. Providing automatic notification to customers about new offers and services launched by telecom companies.
 Telecom sector is benefited by artificial intelligence as it can help in providing timely information about impending problems or outages which can seriously disrupt their services provided to customers. They provide the benefit/service of predictive maintenance which can result in better customer retention and satisfaction. Moreover, AI based technology can help in generations of automatic data based upon customer responses which in turn helps in taking better decisions and reminds businesses to be proactive towards any future problem or customer request.

Artificial intelligence can help in automatic optimization of network capabilities and connectivity. Telecom Networks can adapt and reconfigure themselves according to changing needs which in turn provides better customer satisfaction.

Robotic process automation is another field of application being used by telecom companies. Certain tasks can be automated with the help of robotic process automation which are repetitive in nature. AI powered processes can be completed with greater efficiency and within provided time interval with the help of robotic process automation. Telecom companies can automate their customer care services and salary credit mechanism with the help AI based technology.

AI powered telecom industry solutionscan also help in fraud detection and identification of fake profiles. Special software and digital solutions can access terabytes of customer data and process the same in order to detect anomalies in a customer profile. Such services have helped change telecom industry completely.

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