Monday, October 21, 2019

Top 6 Tips on choosing the right Premium Door Handles


To make a complete home, it is important that you choose right hardware and items that stays for long and is of high quality. From door handles to door and furniture items, each small and big items matters the most. Similarly, door handles and knobs if selected carefully it can be jewel for every room needs. When you opt to shop for the same, you will find different types of premium door handles designed by brands. One such is Swarovski pull handle that comes in different designs and standard size screws. From gold to satin black, you have options to choose.

Coming back to door handles, you just can't select from the available options, you need to good research as per your need. No door is complete without a handle. While they may be physically small, but if chosen a right design, it an uplift the area. To help you we have listed down few pointers that can help in choosing the right door handle-

Check the Style-

Consider the door handle design just as you approach the interior design task. Consider the overall theme of the room and choose the handle accordingly. Then consider the design of the room and then the door design. If the room and door design is quite tradition, then choosing angular design door handle is right. You also need to consider types of door design, so accordingly you can invest on the door handle. If you have same door designs throughout, then you can either go for chrome door handles or any other design.

Pull Handle or Knob- The Type of Interior Handle-

The premium door handles you choose depends on the use of each door in your home. Some prefer pull handle while some prefer knobs. It completely depends on your need and the interior style.
Door Function-

Once you have decided the type of hardware you need, you will need to decide the function. If you are choosing for the hallway and closet doors, then you will need non-locking, pull handle or lever. However, for the bathroom and bedrooms, you can consider privacy knob and lever. Many prefer going for pull handles because of below mentioned reasons-

·         Passage set
·         Entry Set
·         Privacy
·         Dummy Set

If you have wine cellar, you may consider a keyless Stealth deadbolt for easy access and also helps in keeping noisy friends out. In case of pull handle, choose Swarovski pull handle for its quality and design.

Door Setup-

This is also the most important point to consider when choosing a hardware. If the door is thick, then make sure it comes with necessary kit and is well-suited for dimensions. If you choosing deadbolt and want to drill the second hold, then avoid it because it will ruin the door quality. Instead, consider keyless deadbolt that will be money saving and gives extra security.

Type of Finishing and ensuring Continuity-

There are different types of door finishes, and so you need to select the premium door handle accordingly. Today, people prefer matt finish and antique finish delivering unique aesthetic design. Also the Antique Brass and Antique Nickel finishes will maintain their original appearance. So choose the handle accordingly that goes perfectly with the type of door finishing.

Different types of Handler-

There are different type of door handlers you can choose to buy. Some of them are mentioned below-
·         Lever Handle on Back Plate – This classic door furniture style looks great in traditional design schemes.

·         Lever Handle on Roses- This is versatile and is suitable for most properties. The roses in which the handle connects is round and square.


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