Monday, October 21, 2019

Pursue CSE in Artificial Intelligence and Become a Data Scientist


A lot of science students wish to become engineers after pursuing intermediate. Among different engineering fields, B tech course in artificial intelligence is one of the trending branches. It is the latest field that provides a promising career to the students.

The students interested in pursuing this course can take admission in any of the reputed and leading colleges providing this course. With a degree earned in this discipline, the students can work as a Data Scientist in leading firms.

Data Scientists are in great demand in the IT industry. The professionals are in demand as the businesses depend upon data analytics to drive decision-making and machine learning as key components of IT strategies.

Data Scientists are responsible for finding out insights from a wide amount of structured and unstructured data. With the collected data, they can meet the specific needs of the business. The businesses need someone to analyze a great amount of information to find patterns that will provide business insights.

Key Skills Required:

When working as a data scientist, the professional should be highly analytical with good analyzing skills. They should also have a profound knowledge of mathematics and statistics. Besides this, it is necessary for data scientists to think critically and have great problem-solving skills.

A candidate possessing these skills can easily interpret data. In addition to these skills, if the candidates have a passion for machine-learning and research, it can help them in their career. The candidates who possess knowledge of machine-learning can get better job opportunities.

Job Responsibilities:

When working with an organization, the candidates are responsible for various responsibilities such as:

·         Identifying valuable data sources and automating collection processes
·         Undertaking pre-processing of raw information (including structured and unstructured data)
·         Analyzing Wide information for discovering trends and patterns
·         Building machine-learning algorithms
·         Presenting information through data visualization techniques
·         Proposing solutions and strategies to business challenges

Departments for Data Scientists

Data Scientists can work in different industries as each industry has its data profile and needs professionals to analyze it.

  • Business: In businesses, data scientists are required to make sense of the unstructured information. Using the available data, professionals can inform decisions around inventory, efficiency, customer loyalty,production errors, and more.
  • Finance: In the finance industry, data of credit, debit and other financial transactions are essential for a business. In addition, data scientists also consider fraud detection, security and compliance as major concerns.
·         Telecommunications: All electronics data collected needs to be stored, managed, maintained and scrutinized. In this industry, Data Scientists help companies’by solving issues, improving products and keeping customers happy.

In addition, the candidates can also serve various other industries such as Government departments, social networking, healthcare, politics and more.

If you wish to pursue a career in any of the industries as a Data Scientist, you pursue CSE in artificial intelligence from a leading college. The colleges providing the course have all the available resources and latest technology to teach the students.


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