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Exploring treatment options for arthritis


What is Ayurveda? This is considered to an ancient medicine form that originated in India. A combination of nutrients, medication along with exercise, fosters good health. When a combination of nutrients along with supplements is suggested it can be beneficial once you are dealing with arthritis. Even ayurvedic medicine for arthritis pain can help you to decrease the symptoms as it gets to the root cause of the disorder and not shortcuts.

Ideally you might be considering the option of herbs to treat the disorder apart from your doctor approved plan. Before you are planning to consume an herbal product it is suggested that you discuss with your doctor about the risk along with benefits. You need to discuss with your doctor
·         In case if you are breastfeeding or are pregnant

·         Planning out a surgery
·         Suffering from diabetes

Vitamin D

The deficiency of Vitamin D is a lot common in people who are suffering from arthritis. As part of the study people from 13 countries were involved. In case if you have low levels of vitamin D it can enhance disease activity and create havoc with the quality of your life. If you keep your vitamin D levels intact, it does prevent inflammation and even progression of the disease.

Suppose if you are above the age of 70 years the recommended dose is 600 IU and the key is to opt for plenty of sunlight. But you need to forbid of consuming too much of vitamin D in case if you have a lot of calcium in your body, the arteries might become hard or if you are suffering from any kidney disease.


Calcium might help you to cope up with osteoporosis, as it leads to healthy bones along with joints. All the more important with people who are struggling with arthritis as the progression of osteoporosis could emerge at an advanced level. Researches are of the opinion that when you consume vitamin D along with calcium together it reduces the chance of fracture.

An ideal dose of calcium has to be 1500 mg per day. One you go on to take the above two things together it can pep up calcium absorption and enhance your overall health benefits.

Calcium consumption has to be stopped in case if you are having too high or low levels of prostate in your blood or even suffering from poor kidney function.

Hot and cold therapy

Be it ayurvedic herbs of arthritis or any other treatment hot and cold therapy is a desired treatment option on all counts. This paves for flexibility and improves circulation for better levels of movement. In case if you have heart disease or high blood pressure you should stop using saunas.

The cold is going to reduce swelling or any form of inflammation as it is possible to apply a pack of frozen vegetables and apply it for around 20 minutes. In addition would be another option in the form of a partial or a full ice bath
These symptoms help you to cope up with arthritis.

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