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Comparison on various Electronic Logging Devices

There are many Electronic Logging Devices available in the market and choosing among them the best one is a real tedious job. Below discussed points will guide you in choosing the best logging device and hence it is necessary to study about the Electronic Logging Devices Comparison. As per the market demand -

1st choice: Garmin ELD

The company Garmin focuses on GPS tracking, navigation, data recording, data sharing technology etc.  This company tops the list when it comes to creating integrated high quality ELD devices.

In near future, Garmin is expected to become more expensive as ELD will be loaded with all of the software and hence no subscription fees required. It is one of the most popular ELD units and is a choice for most owner operators.

Technical Specification Garmin ELD

·         It can be fir with any 6 or 9 pin data port
·         Installation is simple
·         Elog system can be connected with any Garmin device and to GPS enabled tablet or smartphone.

2nd choice: KeepTruckin ELD

Because of its easy affordability and usage, this device is considered to be the best one. It is perfectly suitable for small fleet. You can use this device by connecting to the ELD and downloading the app on your smart phone or tablet free of cost.

The standard features that you can expect are – messaging, GPS locating and basic HOS reporting. Recently, some additional features included in this device are -  fuel monitoring, engine diagnostics, idling reports, driver safety scorecards, geofencing, and tampering alerts.

If you want to go for the basic service, then you need to pay $20 a month. For advanced features, you need to pay $30 a month.

3rd choice: EROAD’s Ehubo

One of the best available devices in today’s market is EROAD’s Ehubo. This device has been certified by the transportation technology firm PIT Group which adds an extra icing on the cake. This device can be installed in old trucks as well by using normal EMC connection or a 3-wire install.

Originally developed for fuel taxing, the device is considered one of the best for IFTA reporting. Upcoming features of this device are - engine diagnostics, GPS tracking, and more.

4th choice: PeopleNet Display.4

Are you looking for device with loads of features and at the same time it is reliable and durable? Then PeopleNet Desplay.4 would be the best choice. But the main drawback of this device for which you may change your mind is its high price and lengthy installation process.

This device is simple and has a user-friendly interface which helps the truck drivers to learn how to use the device easily.

Some of the features of this device are –
·         supports 4G LTE cellular communication
·         real-time safety alerts
·         fault codes
·         monitors tire pressure
·         reports fuel consumption reports
·         monitors engine status
·         integrated multi-directional cameras
·         ALK Copilot navigation

5th choice: Blue Ink BIT ELD

For smaller fleets and independent drivers, the cheapest device with FMCSA compliant is Blue Ink BIT ELD. Installation of this software is faster and easy but loss of Bluetooth connection may lead to loss of data.

Electronic Logging Device Comparison gives a clear idea about the devices and helps you in selecting the best one for your fleet. You can also refer to ELD comparison chart.

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