Thursday, September 26, 2019

Application of artificial intelligence in Posture detection


Posture of human body may be defined as the view of alignment of bones with spine in sideways or from front in standing or stationary condition.To assess posture of any human,you need to take the photograph of the side view or front view in standing condition.Posture is nothing but the assessment on how you hold your body. There are two types of posture like static and dynamic posture.

Types of posture

Static posture may be defined as how you hold your body during static condition of your body like in sitting or standing condition of body. In this static condition, body does not move.But, in dynamic posture, body is in moving condition. So, posture may be defined as the position of the body in sitting or standing condition. The posture may be correct or incorrect depending on how you hold your body during sitting and standing. Posture will be correct, if there is least strain on the back. But, if there is excessive strain on the spine during sitting or standing,then posture is incorrect.

What is Posture Detection?

Posture detection is the system of assessing the changes in the posture .If there is any change detected by sensors in the posture,and then posture is incorrect. System has been developed for Posture detection by multi sensors of accelerometer.The kinematic parameters may be acquired and the dynamic Posture may be assessed. The human body should maintain good posture means the body should maintain healthy alignment of bones during static condition. In this good posture, least strain is put on the spine.

Pattern detection in artificial intelligence

Pattern detection is the automatic recognition of regularities and pattern in data. It may recognize the particular pattern in given data base.In the field of artificial intelligence, pattern detection defines the scope of automation to find out regularities of pattern in given data. Pattern detection in artificial intelligence may be defined as the set of data which will give rise to some important information.This information of yield of pattern is very important in the field of IT sector, where patterns may overlap.

Utilities of artificial intelligence in posture detection

In the field of artificial intelligence, posture detection can be identified as correct or incorrect. It can easily point out the unhealthy sitting postures for human skeleton. Machine learning devices have been developed in artificial intelligence in indoor surveillance in doctor’s chambers for immediate information of human static or moving postures. If posture is detected as wrong or unhealthy, methods should be adopted for correction of postures. By detection of postures, humans can take protective measures to rectify the defects by medical aids.


With help of early detection of posture of artificial intelligence, unhealthy situations may be rectified. Posture rectification may give relief from unhealthy situations like back pain or so. Artificial intelligence has provided many options in practical field for quick surveillance. The gain in the medical field, IT sector, security system is immense in modern days.


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