Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Benefits of an Open MRI Scanner


An MRI scan, or magnetic resonance imaging scan, is a valuable tool for doctors to diagnose and monitor conditions. However, these scans have garnered a reputation of being scary contraptions that cause anxiety for many patients. Due to advances in medical technology and imaging, going for an MRI scan no longer has to be a stressful encounter. With the invention of the open MRI scanner, many patients have greatly benefited and are able to have the imaging procedures they need. Populations benefited by this machine include claustrophobic patients, pediatric patients, and disabled patients. 
Claustrophobic Patients
Many patients dread having an MRI because of claustrophobia. Being in a small enclosed space for an extended period of time can bring on anxious feelings that can disrupt the imaging process. With an open MRI scanner, patients can feel more at ease as they are not fully enclosed.
Pediatric Patients
Getting children to remain still inside an enclosed MRI machine is very difficult, and children often become frightful when placed in the enclosed MRI machines. With the open MRI, nurses can assist in comforting the patient as well as maneuvering them for the best possible imaging angles.
Disabled Patients 
Patients who are disabled, especially those with limited mobility, may have difficulty getting in and out of the enclosed MRI scanners. With the open MRI scanner, however, it is easier for the healthcare workers to assist the patient in positioning. This can make the overall process much less stressful for the patient as well as taking away feelings of frustration or embarrassment. 
If you have been needing an MRI scan but have been afraid of being enclosed in a tight space, now is your chance to get the imaging you need without fear. With the advanced open MRI scanner technique, having this necessary scan is easier than ever. 
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