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Acne- What are the Causes, possible Outcomes and Acne Scars


Acne or acne Vulgaris or common acne is a type of od disease that affects the hair follicles of the skin.  Usually, acnes are seen on the face, chest and back portion. Acne is a common problem of teenage age humans. But, often it happens to older people also. There is no definite cause of acne. This article will help you to know more about acne and the scars related to it.

 What is Acne?

If the sebaceous or oil glands adjacent to the hair follicles become stimulated due to certain factors like hormone or pollution, the glands start making excess oil. This increased oil production makes the skin cells to mature and appear as a small round and raised area. Acne vulgaris can be of three types-
·         Comedo or blackheads/whiteheads which look like occluded pores
·         Postulate or pimples that look like small red bumps
·         Inflammatory papules which look like postule with pus
·         Cystic acne or deep pimples which look like small cysts.


 Acne is very much normal. If you have mild acne then you can use one of the best scar facewash that treats acne. But if the condition becomes severe then you may need the doctor to advise. Doctor’s gIve medicines and ointments to the patient.

Additionally, you may be asked to make certain changes to your lifestyle. You need to eat a healthy diet with less oil, daily skin care regimen and dedication. Different types of herbs can help you to fight acne. Besides that, you can also get facials regularly. You need to be cautious about your cosmetics if you have acne-prone skin. Oily cosmetics must be avoided. Soothing cosmetics for sensitive skin have to be used.

Picking acne can cause small deep scars. These scars do not go away easily. You need to use one of the best scar facewash and creams to treat these scars.

Types of Acne Scars

 There are different acne scars. Some of these scars fade away with time but some scars do not-
·         Macules- Flat red spots where the acne was located. These scars can last for many weeks. But, macules usually disappear over time.

·         Icepick Scars- Yes acne cause loss of tissues rather than tissue regeneration. This type of scars looks like deep sharp cuts. Icepick scars are dented and may look like pits in the skin.

·           Hyperpigmentation- In many cases acne results in discoloured skin.  It is called hyperpigmentation. The place where the acne was becomes discoloured and dented. This types of scars do not go away easily. You may need to get the special treatment done for them.

·          Keloid Scars- This type of scars look like small hairless bumps. Keloid scars do not go away by themselves. Special treatment needs to be performed to make them disappear.

·         Hypertrophic scars- These scars look like raised thick and puffy skin. It may have a pink or purple in colour.

So, it is clear that acne is normal during puberty and later age of life. Many factors including hormones, pollution, heredity, diet etc can cause acne. Acnes need treatment if they become severe. But, picking acne can cause scars. Acnes can be controlled with medication, dedicated beauty routine and proper diet.

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