Monday, June 17, 2019

How to understand the ranking parameters for engineering colleges


Not only the students but also the higher education institutes in our country are pitted against each other and ranked every year by not just the media but also by the government. These rankings are done on a plethora of factors both in absolute terms to rank the best engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh that is a matter of pride for each college.

It is advisable to students to find an access to this list while they make up their mind on their choice of the best engineering college in Noida. These ranking parameters used for college ranking are very relevant and lets the prospective student know the kind of intellectual biome they can expect. The rankings are done after an extensive data gathering done by a team of experts in the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India on several facets like academic excellence, placement statistics, student’s preferences, faculty experience and research,  national importance of the course taught, advanced technology education, faculty ratio, college facilities, etc.

The experts keep working on changing these parameters every year to give us a better picture of the colleges under scrutiny and is not only based on popular media rankings but is drawn after an extensive factual data gathering mechanism both from third party sources and also directly from the institutions. MHRD constituted a group called the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) to help them collect and sort out this data into manageable chunks for further evaluation. These ranking parameters are the best way to identify the best engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh both for government and private run institutions.

Any institution that deserves a good student will have to work towards their faculty standards, their campus quality and the life of their students’ in general to attain a better score in this ranking thus making sure that only quality student’s pass under their academic umbrella. This also helps the institutions keep a much better record of their staff, faculty, infrastructure more meticulously and find out areas of improvement by pitting them against other institutions that are better. The NIRF has identified 18 parameters that are organised into five major groups that employ pointers both used globally and some very specific to the Indian scenario for this purpose. At the national level this helps to analyse the state of affairs of higher education in the country and find better laws and regulations to govern these echelons of learning. The country specific parameters ascertain colleges on their outreach, gender equity, regional diversity and inclusion of the disadvantageous sections of the society.

The five major parameters under which the best engineering college in Noida was identified are teaching, learning and resources of the institution, research and professional practises followed at the institution, past performance of the students during graduation, outreach of the institution and their perception in society. Most of these major parameters are used globally as well to test the institutes on learning, teaching and research.

This list provided by the MHRD can be your starting point to access the quality of the choice of your institution for higher studies and help you shortlist the best engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

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