Monday, April 29, 2019

Wedding design in India go movie-style



Indians make a great deal of their wedding and from a long period of time. Big fat Indian weddings have become a trend among the upper class people of India. The sangeet and other ceremonies are nothing less than a big Bollywood celebration party. With the weddings in movies, Indians prefer fun, drama and lots of dance and celebrations with Bollywood and Hollywood songs. It is definitely a big deal for any couple to celebrate it in their own amazing way. A bride dreams of her wedding since her teenage and wants to make it perfect to make her dream come true. Themed weddings with a touch of the style of movies are the new trend of the Indians.
The Indian weddings fantasize their big day from the movies. Therefore, dreaming the same for themselves is very obvious. The couples usually hire wedding planners for their wedding that helps them to get an insight of the theme that they want for their wedding. The planners execute the whole idea by and make the dream come true in luxury wedding venues in Delhi. The brides these days prefer their wedding dress to be from Bollywood designer collections to make them look grand on their big day. This has become a trend for every wedding in India with a high budget. The whole design starts with their wedding sangeet and mehendi ceremony. The Bollywood style performances are being performed by the family and friends of the bride and groom. The mehendi ceremony is celebrated with a lot of dance on famous Bollywood songs. The final day appears with a blast and grand entry of the groom and bride for the varmala ceremony. Everything in an Indian wedding is huge worth it.
Excluding all the ceremonies of the wedding, the invitations that the couples send are huge. The relatives and guests are invited with dry fruits and various other items designed by professionals. The Indian couples do everything to make their big day memorable for everyone. The wedding planners in India have excelled in conducting various big fat weddings with music, photography, lights, celebrations, good food and design ideas. The decorations that are done by the decorators in such weddings are nothing less than a Bollywood award show. With the luxury wedding venues in Delhi, the wedding couple lives the life of a couple in movies. The wedding planners arrange everything for the couple and even hire vendors to assist in the wedding.
A big fat Indian wedding in movie style requires a lot of planning and rehearsals to make the night perfect. Highly professional and skilled photographers are invited to shoot the ceremonies. The photographers are also a ig deal of investment to make the wedding night perfect. Therefore, there are a lot of stuffs to arrange and take care of.


Indians prefer a big fat wedding in movie style and everything in such a wedding is a big deal. With all the melodramas and performances, the wedding can be a great night of celebration for the couple. There are many weddings conducted in India in movie styles and make it grand.

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