Monday, April 29, 2019

Investigating Crimes with Adam Quirk


An accused is not a criminal until he/she is proved guilty, and this guilt is proved only through a criminal investigation. Investigation of crime is a kind of science which involves the logical arrangements of facts with the inclusion of certain procedures such as collection of evidence, interrogations, searches, and interviews. It takes years to master this as a profession; Adam Quirk has gained knowledge and experience in this for more than 15 years.

He is, in fact, educated in the subject of criminal investigation and holds a masters degree in it from Boston University. His career began as a special investigator for the U.S. Investigation Services, Inc. He has played a highly responsible role post he September 11 attacks by conducting in depth investigations on the potential Air Marshals who would be recruited for the complete protection of the country thereafter.

His exceptional contribution to the cause consistently earned him recognition as the Top Investigator; it was because of Adam Quirk and his team of investigators that several rightly eligible Air Marshals were recruited to protect America from any terrorist attacks in the future. After this Adam assumed the position of a Diversion Investigator for the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2004 where he headed numerous long term investigations pertaining to drugs.

As mentioned earlier the conventional procedures of any criminal investigation at present are being replaced with greater technologically advancements procedures which is collectively known as ‘Forensic Science’. There are both government and private investigators who are employed to investigate in detail into any crime committed. According to law, in any criminal case both the accuser as well as the accused has the right to produce evidences to prove their point, and it is this that both the parties should know how to use wisely.

A criminal investigation has several stages which is initiated by the filing of a complaint that a certain crime has taken place, following which there is a minor assessment and verification of the authenticity of the complaint. Once it has been established that the crime has taken place in reality, it is then that wither a police man or a private or government investigator is hired to look deeper into the matter and help solve the matter as soon as possible. Depending on the gravity of the crime the Federal Bureau of investigation i.e. the FBI is given responsibility of investigating the crime.

The advancement of science and technology has brought about a lot of change in the roles of the investigators too; they are not just limited to forensic science anymore, instead they required to have knowledge of illegal activities such as, cyber crime, human trafficking, internet stalking, child pornography and exploitation of women and children in any form.

The organizational structure of the criminal investigation departments has also had a major revision due to these newly developed unlawful and unethical acts. Unlike the past when investigators were directly hired to look into a case, now the smaller units of law enforcement hire investigators to help unveil the truth of a certain committed crime.


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