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Facts about a pregnancy due date calculator


Pretty much as the name suggests pregnancy due date calculator specifies an exact time when a baby is due. No one can predict an exact delivery date of your baby accurately, but a due date calculator can point when a baby is precisely due. The deliveries are known to take place before or after the due date. If you are not showing up any signs of labor even after 40 weeks it is better to get in touch with a doctor. Via pregnancy due date calculator,it is possible to keep a track of pregnancy and figure out when your baby is due. A couple of pointers are used to determine the exact date of pregnancy. The date of your last periods and your date of conception.

Naege;s rule

If you are following this rule, from your last monthly cycle you have to deduct 3 days. To that you need to add 7 days. Once you are aware of the date of conception, you have to be adding 266 days and then you are going to get to the due date.

With this model you can have a precise idea about the development of a baby. Doctors suggest you to go for an ultrasound during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Do not commit the mistake of conducting numerous ultrasound tests as it can cause harm to the development of your baby.

Pregnancy due date calculator for pregnancy via an online mode

Among would be mothers pregnancy due date calculators have become popular. Numerous services are provided to the would be mothers helping her to come up with the phase of pregnancy. With the calculators it is easy to help a would be mother to cope up with various changes that occur during tenure of pregnancy. Exercise and diet that you need to follow during the various stages of pregnancy has to be clearly illustrated. Apart from this it also helps you to cope up with each trimester in an effective manner.

One of the notable features of an online pregnancy calculator is that it can be personalized. Only for the first time when you log in you might need the details. Once registration takes place logging in again becomes an easy task.

Pointers with a pregnancy due date calculator

The pregnancy due date calculator can claim to be precise, but no one can be sure about the exact due date of delivery. It could even go on to take place before the due date of delivery. Even if it does not take place after the due date there is no need to panic. But if you feel it is too late you can always seek medical help.

For a would be mother a pregnancy due date calculator is a smart device. Though it is not possible to determine exact due date of pregnancy, it can give you an idea when a baby is due. The reason being more anxious you are it will have an impact on your health. It helps you relax during pregnancy.

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