Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Buy Best Quality Hand Tools Online


Tools that are non-powered and used in various fields of work are known as hand tools. Manual force is exerted to use these tools. These are designed specifically for particular jobs and teach tool has its own usage. Replacing one type of tool with another may not give proper results. The hand tools can be used at home, office, garage, construction sites, agriculture, etc.

Eastman Cast and Forge Ltd. established in 1986 has been manufacturing the highest quality hand tools for a cost-effective input. The company uses the Indian and Taiwanese Technology for optimum results. They manufacture plumbing tools, construction tools, carpentry tools, automotive tools, agricultural tools, storage solutions, and OEM kits.

One can now buy hand tools online in India from our website. We also export our products to more than 40 countries across the globe such as Central America, Europe, South East Asian Countries, Russia, Africa, The Middle East, South America, etc. Our products meet international quality standards.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly on quality control and ensure that the products are of utmost quality. The managers use a ten stage quality checking procedure in which the product is tested for its quality level at every stage of the manufacturing process. The raw materials we use for our products are sourced from the best suppliers in the market. The raw materials are also checked for quality before the manufacturing starts.

Our engineers and technicians work on the designs meticulously. The products are tested for hardness at elevated temperatures. The hand tools manufactured by Eastman are durable, sustainable, and have a long life. The tools can be used in any kind of harsh working conditions without being affected by the changing temperatures.

Hand tools online shopping in India is advantageous when you can buy the best quality tools by sitting at your home. Generally, the following are the tools that come under the hand tools category.

·         Spanners
·         Wrenches
·         Hammers
·         Pliers
·         Hydraulic Jacks
·         Lubrication Tools
·         Allen Keys
·         Bolt Cutters
·         Socket Sets and Accessories
·         Wire Stripper
·         Clamp
·         Chisel
·         Impact Driver Set
·         Aviation Snip
·         Joint Handle and Bars
·         Screwdrivers
·         Punches
·         Hacksaw
·         String Tools
·         Vices
·         Non-sparkling Tools
·         Misc Tools

Each of these tools is again sub classified into different sizes, shapes, and designs according to the industry specifications. We also take orders to manufacture tools which are different from the industry standards and are required for specific purposes. Our talented workers design moulds and manufacture tools based on customer specifications.

At Eastman, we have a team of employees who handle the packaging and delivery of the products. They make sure that every product is packaged with care and delivered to the customers on time. Our aim to ensure that there will be no loss for the customers.

To buy hand tools online in India, visit our website and place your order.


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