Monday, February 4, 2019

Follicular Unit Extraction - 10 Major Benefits of FUE Surgery


Losing hair can leave someone in extreme depression and pain. Especially for men, hair loss brings lower self-esteem and personality issues. Thanks to the advanced medical treatment like FUE surgery, now you can get back your hair safely at a reasonable cost. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the most popular and effective treatments for hair loss at present.
In this post, we will discuss the top ten benefits of FUE hair transplant for both men and women. Take a look:

1) No Post-Surgery Scars.

We bet every patient is stressed over this. After transplant, will the scar be noticeable? Well, the answer is a no! Not at all like regular hair transplant methodology, FUE surgery gives the best finishing and outcomes as far as scars are considered. Since in follicular unit extraction process, the surgeon would transplant hair follicles from the donor zone to receiver zone one by one, there is no scar not at all like what you might have seen in FUT hair transplant or strip surgery.

2) Quick Recovering Process.

Since the surgeon embeds hair follicles one by one without extricating any piece of the skin, after this procedure, scalp must be adjusted rapidly. Because of this, the healing procedure is faster than regular methods of hair transplant.

3) Minimal Post-Surgery Distress.

For patients’ comfort, hair transplant specialist utilizes local anesthesia that you can experience in dental process. Because of this, the patients can leave for their home after medical procedure following couple of hours with no pain or distress. Furthermore, the FUE transplant won't hurt your body, the likelihood of post-medical procedure uneasiness is low.

4) Natural Look.

A great many people are stressed over whether their scalp would look normal. Fue hair transplant is extremely safe and natural treatment that most people around you won't even notice the progressions on your head as something artificial. The result is your genuine hair as they were before losing. People won’t be able to differentiate between your old hair and new developing hair.

5) Extensive Harvesting Area.

Owing to Fue transplant, the surgeon can cover major uncovered territory for transplant with the goal hair growth is exceptionally easy and result is huge than other methods. They reap hair follicles effectively up to the entire head so you can enjoy fuller and natural hair once again.

6) Quick Recovery.

When you undergo FUE surgery, you can begin your every day exercises effectively after the medical procedure or resume your work with no issue. How? Because the treatment requires no pausing or long recovery periods. In short, you can do exercise or whatever you do every day in schedule irrespective of the surgery.

7) Ideal for Patients With Increased Risk of Scarring.

In those individuals who are in danger of poor healing or the making of scar, FUE serves as the best choice given the safe method and parts, which forestalls development of scars on the scalp. This procedure is renowned in youthful, athletic or strong patients, and individuals who have tight or adaptable scalp.

8) Perfect for Tight Scalps.

In a few patients scalps are extremely limited and tight with the goal that it doesn't permit the utilization of other treatment, at this case, Fue is the perfect decision for such cases.

9) Development of Hair Follicles.

FUE surgery not just serves to the growth of hairline in the hair region but also it boosts the nearness of hair on other parts of the body as well.

10) Limited Risk of Infections.

With different procedures, patients can experience the ill-effects of infection after the medical procedure, yet not if the process is Follicular Unit Extraction. The procedure is absolutely effortless and innocuous to health of the patients.
In FUE transplant, the specialists use hair follicles from the same patient’s donor region (where the hair growth is good) and transplant the hair roots to the beneficiary region. This makes for natural looking hair without the hassle of long recovery periods.


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