Monday, February 4, 2019

Auctions for Storage Units - Are They Worth the Trouble?


There is perhaps no other reason why anyone would want to have anything to do with other people's personal possessions sold in auctions for storage units other than to obviously make money out of it. It might sound a bit opportunistic to be looking to profit from the misfortune of others struggling with money matters; but such practice of auctioning contents of storage containers whose lessors are several months behind on payments is supported by each state's lien law.

Participants in auctions for self storage Sacramento need not worry, the same lien law also protects the rights of the lessors by providing time considerations for the lessor to settle their arrears, cover minimum payments of unpaid rentals, including proper payment demand and notice of auction to lessors. While lessors with unpaid rental obligations can actually attempt to buy back their prized possessions in auctions for storage units, it is not necessarily a good decision to do so since the lien law allows them up until before the auction starts to settle their unpaid obligations to reclaim the items in their storage containers.

So, is participating in these auctions for storage units worth all the trouble of looking through the listings, traveling to the storage facilities, and hauling all the storage container contents to where you want them to go? While it is not a sure occasion that you will win in these auctions for storage units, or that you will actually end up with a storage unit with great items you can resell, some auction wins could very well compensate you for all the investment you have doled out for participating.

In these auctions, there are documented instances when people have actually multiplied their investment in storage auctions by several hundred folds. In order to make money from your auction winnings, you have to pay extra attention to what you do before, during, and after the proceedings. It is important to keep in mind that you are in the auction for business and that you are not supposed to have too much of an overhead cost for you to maximize your profits

You must make sure that you pay attention to the contents of the storage unit that you are purchasing so that you can smartly make your bid in the amount that gives you quite a margin to work with when you sort out your winnings in auctions for storage units. This will give you the advantage to price them for resale.


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