Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Top reasons why you must love breaking old ‘rules’ that concern wedding rings


Many couples are now breaking wedding ring rules such as the ones that concern the gothic wedding ring. Most jewellers aren’t big fans of stereotypes or restrictions when it concerns producing jewellery for their customers. To dispute the marketing myths of the wedding industry, they work quite hard to eliminate the notion of the supposed ‘perfect wedding ring’. What actually matters to them is that you love any wedding jewellery you purchase (if any). Tired rules concerning prices, sizes, styles, and gemstones don’t matter to them.

Whether you’ve always instinctively followed your own personal tastes, or you’re somebody that’s dipping your toe into breaking away from tradition, here are the top old wedding bands and engagement rings rules that you will certainly find exciting to leave in your past.

Wedding band and engagement ring metals must match

Wearing all silver or all gold jewellery is just as unnecessary as wedding parties that are gendered. Take a look at rings options that are produced from varying metal combinations and you will see how well varying metals can work together. Irrespective of what metal mix might be perfect to you, with the foremost jewellers, your bands and rings will certainly be produced with fair-mined or reclaimed solid precious metals.

Spouses must have wedding bands that match

The two of you probably have the same music, arts, or clothes tastes. Maybe you do not – and that is what makes being couples work. You might prefer that you order gothic wedding rings online while your partner sees going to the local jeweller to take a look at options as best. If your aesthetics happen not to be completely in sync, never force yourselves into using matching wedding bands. If everybody had the same tastes, jewellers would not produce so many varying wedding band styles, after all. Go for options that make a more authentic statement.

There’s one other way to keep real likeness and still break this rule; you can choose similar band shapes but each choose a different metal or finish. One band could be polished, and the other matte. To give you inspiration, check out shoulder narrow and shoulder wide wedding bands.

Your wedding bands and engagement rings must feature the same gemstone

This particular rule happens to be as anachronistic as the famous black and white TV. Several ring options from the foremost jewellers prove that there is great power in going for full colour (bonus points for breaking this rule; the gemstones in the same ring do not even need to be of the same shape either). One fun and most exciting way of mixing gemstones; pair blue sapphire rings with gorgeous emerald accents that are green in colour in a ring that has an open lash.

Breaking traditional, olden-day, tired ring rules can be truly freeing – and will likely have you thinking a lot more creatively about the rings and bands, such as the gothic wedding ring, that you will actually love to wear on your big day. Follow only your own personal inner style guide – and choose wedding bands or engagement rings that are most appropriate for you as a couple.

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