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Do you consider yourself to be a candidate for MRI scan?


Medical technology has gone places and gone on to set new benchmarks. It presents a really interesting aspect that a few years before there were not even preventive tests as in the present day context. Most of the tests can go on diagnose dangerous disorders before it becomes serious. Preventive tests are really important as it saves the life of a person.

One of the tests that comes to the mind straight away is MRI scan. It goes by the name of magnetic resonance imaging as it presents a different type of scanning as you do not use x ray technology as it does not use radiation, so it becomes safe. With body organ and tissues a MRI scan can go on to detect various issues. Exercise the option of the best MRI scan centre in Bangalore as it is a preventive test.

If you are an individual who have not had this scan you might be really interested to figure out how it works. A patient needs to head over to an outpatient facility with a proper set of clothes. Then they will be asked to keep lying on a table. Then you push the table to the horizontal table that is the scanning machine in itself. The patients who are opting for a MRI scan needs to ensure that the images are in perfect order. For this reason a patient has to be completely still. The chances of patients being sedated cannot be ruled out. The duration of the procedure would take around 30 minutes and then the patient can resume their normal activities.

The advantages associated with a MRI scan

Safe and free from radiation

MRI scan is a lot different from CT scan where you are subject to a lot of radiation. You cannot justify it for check-up purposes. You could be part of multiple MRIs during the day as it is safe expect the frequent trips which could be a cause of concern.

Could be undertake in a short frame of time and takes place between 20 to 30 minutes

With technology going places this scan be undertake in just less than 30 minutes. With the old MRI modules you are going to require a minimum of 2 hours for the scan to be over. In comparison to a detailed ultrasound it also takes less amount of time.

Higher levels of accuracy

As it possess an ability to differentiate between tissue structures, in the current stage MRI scan is superior to an ultrasound or a CT scan. This would be in region wise specific scanning or your whole body as well.

With MRI it is possible to shift focus to a concentrated area

Once again the ability to differentiate between tissue structures becomes easy, so you can consider it to be superior to a CT scan or an ultrasound.

The best part about a MRI scan is that there is no delay in waiting for a result. You can obtain the test results on the same day.

With zero risk of radiation there is no need for any form of referral from a physician
Anyone can walk in and opt for MRI scan at any point of time

Diseases can be identified at an early stage and detailed prognosis of the infected condition seems possible.

This does appear to be one of the main advantages of a MRI scan. Better outcomes are expected when you treat silent tumours or life fearing situations that could lead to alarming proportions if not dealt at an earlier phase.

It is not dependant on the operator

It is possible that you could have double or triple readings by radiologists. They will provide you with the results on the same day and you do not have to wait for it.

Saves a lot of time when you are opting for various routine health check ups

Before this high tech check-up a physician normally suggests a CT scan. It would be fairly difficult in securing an appointment for both of them. MRI is always better as it covers the benefits of both a MRI and a CT scan.

Tips for a first time patient who is going for a MRI Scan

The chances are pretty high that you might be prescribed a MRI scan by your doctor for the first time. Before you opt for it becomes really important to figure out the conditions that prevent you from availing it in the first place. Before you go for the appointment it is important to educate your radiologist if you are suffering from any of the below conditions

·         If you have a history of kidney problems
·         If there exists any tattoos on your skin
·         If there is a history of having worked with metal
·         You could be allergic to iodine
·         A host of other conditions which you would want to disclose
It all depends on the technician to guide you whether you can perform the scan or whether specific type of modifications may be needed so that it suits your condition. Apart from this there are a few tips you need to follow
·         Go on to leave all the valuables at your home

·         Do carry with you a list of detailed medications that you are consuming

·         In case if you are not comfortable of changing over to a hospital gown be in a comfortable set of clothes.

Before going for a scan

·         Stick your medications route as prescribed by the doctor unless you have been instructed something else

·         There are bound to be some dietary restrictions. Do speak to your doctor and radiologist to have a better idea about it.

·         On the day of the scan arrive 30 minutes before the time scheduled. There are going to be some basic paperwork and facilities that you might have to complete before going for the scan

·         If for a scan a MRI contrast is suggested then the technician is going to insert a catheter in your arm.

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