Friday, November 2, 2018

Learn to dress like a bohemian diva with these tips


With the rise in fashion trends all over the world, it might get difficult to keep up with each and everything all the time. The new fashion trends are can also at times become uncomfortable to carry out. While some people are okay with sacrificing comfort for fashion, others like dressing for comfort. But just because you favour comfort, it doesn’t mean that you always have to look messy and sloppy. There are many ways in which you can wear comfortable clothes to look fashionable.

Outfits which are long and flowing are the favourite kind of all comfort lovers. You can even buy such women tops online. Just add natural fabrics and unique patterns in and you are all set to rock the boho chic look. Bohemians are all about being natural and appreciating simplicity. You can feel free and look amazing like a gypsy with a few tips in your stock.

·         Bohemian outfits are all about natural colours so you should avoid bright colours and neons as much as possible. Bright colours also attract more light and heat to your outfit, so going with pastels and light natural colours will make you look as well as fell more comfortable.

·         Bohemian style also features a lot of fringes and tassels in almost all types of their clothing and even accessories. So a nice fringe bag and batik tote will go a long way to make you look like a gypsy princess.

·         Scarves are a favourite piece of clothing that all bohemians. But you should wear the scarf around your head or even your wais instead of wearing it on your body. This gives adds a new style to the look which is unique and quite dazzling.

·         Accessorize as much as possible, but know the limit. Too much of something is also not good. A nice floppy hat will change the look of your whole attire and also protect you from the sun, so it is a win-win situation.

·         Instead of buying new clothes look into your mother’s or even your grandmother’s closet for something that you can style in a new way. The things that might have gone out of style now, or didn’t seem attractive to you before can now be turned into a different style that will make you stand out from everyone else in the crowd. Vintage pieces can be repurposed to make you look like a bohemian diva.

·         Shawls and dupattas which are mostly reserved for special occasions to o with your ethnic wear can easily be used in the gypsy styling. The beautiful ethnic prints will add an exotic touch to the whole outfit. You can layer the shawl nicely on your shoulders or you even knot it up in the front.

·         A colourful kimono can be a great addition to your closet. You can make your regular tank tops much more interesting by pairing them up with a kimono. For a casual look you can go for a kimono with a romper.

·         Vintage belts can be a saviour for any of your outfits. You can even wear these pieces with your dresses.

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