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Islamic art is a beautifulblend of artand spirituality. It is very different from other forms of art, since it is sought not only to uplift the visual appeal of our spaces, but more signifcantly, to express our faithand tritten or painted or carved in calligraphy are the ones that are frequently or commonly recited such as Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, Masha Allah and Allahu Akbar. Here we will discuss Masha Ao remind ourselves about the blessings of Allah. The ayats (verses from the Quran) that are mostly wllah art asa lot of people search Masha Allah art online.

For this, we need to understand the meaning and the essence of saying ‘Masha Allah’.

‘Masha Allah’ is translated into the English language as ‘By the Will of Allah’. It is said especially when we praise or appreciate a person. It brings to the fore the fact that a person’s successes such as a hefty pay raise or enrolment at a good college, or his or her good-looking physical traits such as big, bright eyes or long, lustrous hair, are a manifestation of the ‘Will of Allah’. For example, if a child is bright, it is because Allah has Willed him or her to be bright. Without a shred of doubt, He has willed the child to be born in the first place and to be able to live a life. When one utters ‘Masha Allah’, he or she is acknowledging the Will of Allah in all good things in life. People also say ‘Masha Allah’ in order to protect the object of praise from the evil eye.

In Chapter 17 of the Holy Quran, Surah Kahf, the line ‘Masha Allah La quwwataillahBillah’ means ‘By the Will of Allah, there is no power except with Allah’. It implies the boundless nature of Allah’s Power and Might. All that exists in the Universe does so by His will and His permission alone. Deep in meaning, yet light on the tongue, ‘Masha Allah’ is a strong reminder of Allah’s Will behind all that we experience in life.

Thus, the house that shelters you is by Allah’s Will. All the blessings in your house – from the food on the table to the child in your arms, even the carpets and the fans which make our living easy – are all there by the Will and Permission of Allah only. Most certainly, nothing can happen without His Will or His permission. Indeed, our being, our breathing, our experiences of life, result from His Will.
‘Masha Allah’ is, therefore, a strong, important zikr which every believing, practising Muslim recites frequently. It therefore comes as no surprise that Muslims across the world, of different ethnicities, look for Masha Allah art online.  They are united in the belief that all that happens, good or prima facie bad, is by Allah’s Will and Permission alone. They put up Masha Allah art at home or give it as a gift because they truly believe in the significance of this powerful reminder.

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