Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Top 11 Ideas For Decorating Flower Pots For Home Decoration


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If you have got a home there, you want to make your home appear as beautiful as Newport Beach. You do not need some expensive pieces of décor to decorate your home. When you are buying flowers in Newport Beach, you are buying a wonderful and an inexpensive piece of décor.

Buy some flowers in Newport Beach, buy some flower pots and now you can do wonders. The best thing about flowers and flower pots is that you can very easily move them from one place to another place. You can use flowers of different colors and different types to decorate the interior or exterior of your place. You can use flower ports of different colors, sizes, shapes and made from different materials. Ceramic, stone, plastic or fabric planter bags are pretty good materials for flower pots. This allows you to change the home decoration theme anytime you want. You can easily give a personal touch to your home. You can use your creativity to create your very own style statement. Moreover, watering, pruning and taking care of flower plants and pots is a great hobby.  
So, we bring you top 11 great flower pot home decoration ideas.

1.You can paint your family name or your kid’s name on the flower pot. You can also paint some quotes on the pot. This is a perfect idea for personalizing home decoration. 
2.You can paint your house number on a large flower pot visible to guests you are expecting.
3.You can also use glass beads to decorate your flower pots.         
4.Got some old broken flower pots? You can glue these pieces on a new flower pot and turn it into a stylish piece beauty.   
5.You can collect seashells of different sizes and shapes and use them to decorate a flower pot.     
6.You can use moss and pinecones to cover flower pots. This will give natural woodsy looks to your flower pots.
7.Apply some adhesive on the outside of the flower pot and tightly wrap some fabric around the it.
8.Tiki head pots look awesome. You can also use a tiki pot as a bucket for bear or some other drink. 
9.You can also glue tile mosaic and glass chips to create some patterns on flower pots. 
10.Gluing some slices from a tree limb will create a very unique, original and well-designed flower pot. Try to use slices of different sizes and shapes.          

11.       Allow your kids to create a mess. Ask them to spill some paint on the overturned flower pot. 

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