Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tips on how to be in the limelight


Nowadays, people are so lonely that they can go to any extent to be in the limelight. Some are trying to work hard to gain attention whereas others are just trying to get popular without any purpose. Even if you decide to gain popularity, it won't last long. When you reach the limelight in your life, use it for a purpose and popularity will come to you automatically.

Things to remember when you come to limelight

    Find right reasons to come to limelight. Getting tempted by engaging yourself in controversy may give you thrill but will also bring troubles in your life. Wrong decisions could only make situations worse in the upcoming future.

    Make way for your ideas rather than just keeping them in your mind or as words on your lips. Keep exploring your ideas and possibilities and make sure to be aware of whatever you do.

    Once you come into the limelight, do not rush into things. Your motive should be to help others but not to hurt anyone. Try to be the differentiator who innovates and creates value in whatever you do.

    The most important thing about being popular is being confident. You need to bask in the spotlight instead of hiding in the corner. Confidence does enhance your body language and help you to hold your head high and develop new interests.

    Try to step out of your comfort zone and do things which popular people tend to do. Others know most of the popular stars. Don’t be shy to start a conversation. If it's working out, go and strike a conversation. Being you is very important.

    Find some unique style for yourself. Unique style doesn’t mean buying the trendiest clothes or following what others are wearing. Create your style in which you are comfortable. Make sure that whatever you wear, you feel confidentand comfortable at the same time. You can go to www.voucherbucket.co.uk to do shopping at great discounts.

Tips on how to be in the limelight as a star

1.  Maintain a variety of interests. Develop a talent. It can be anything. An athlete, a pop start, a singer or a politician, whatever suits your natural abilities, choose that and start working on it. Listening is the key. Try to take advice from people to find your star-making qualities.

2.  The second thing you need is to find a coach who will help you to develop your talents at the star-level degree of skills. Look for role-models in your field. Study about it and absorb all the media that you can. Keep practising your skills. For example, to become a politician, you need to practice speeches and public speaking. Practise improving your scales if you are planning to come as a musician.

3.  Now start marketing your skills. Try to get an entry-level job in the industry. Start with making initial contacts from the bottom. If you want to crack into movies, start working as a gaffer which includes tech-crew stuff. As you start moving up, start networking and increase your contacts. Stardom gets competitive sometimes, and there’s less room for people at the top. Create your LinkedIn page or a professional social networking fan page.

4. Grasp each opportunity that comes your way. Take whatever work you can get. Build experiences so that it helps you to build your own rags-to-riches story. Be professional and act professionally to be a star.

5.  An agent will help you to represent in your field of interests by setting up auditions, contacts or jobs for you. A star must learn to recognise the break to embrace every opportunity to get full-on stardom.

Once you end up in the limelight, do not stop. Continue challenging yourself in your work by indulging into more career ideas. Try to stay focused and have a high positivity level. Media plays a significant role here. Maintain a healthy relationship with the media is tough as you need to negotiate sometimes to seek head-on as soon as possible. Prioritise your activities based on urgency. Acting smart in situations takes you one step closer to the stardom. Limelight is just a way to be a star. Make sure you use it correctly or else you’ll end you screwing your life and career.

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