Wednesday, October 10, 2018

GRE, not to fear with these tips


sing the verbal, quantitative and writing skills of the student, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). This exam is the platform for the students to get admission in graduate degrees in most of the English-speaking countries all over the world. If we talk more about the exam before giving the tips on how to prepare for it, it is the test of 3 hours 40 minutes, with a 10-minute break in between. The students who wish to have a Master’s degree – MS, MBA, MEM, or a doctoral degree can go for the GRE.

So now if talk about scoring good marks in the exam, then the proper knowledge of pattern and a good preparation are the keys. Well, here are some of the tips which are very useful for the candidates before and during the preparation. Here we go:
  • Choose the right study material
Many students think that finishing one book for the exam is enough, but the truth is different. There are so many books, and sticking to just one will not help. You should try different and good study material. Start with the concepts and hang there a little. Then gear up and move towards the more advanced material.
  • Plan a study timetable
The student should make a well-planned timetable for the preparation according to the number of weeks left for the exam. Sticking to a regular timetable increases the efficiency and can make the task easier. Moreover, in order to get motivation, you can also put the timetable aside your workplace.
  • Prepare well for Analytical Writing Assessment
Analytical Writing Assessment might be a less significant section of the exam, but it is going to take a lot of time and energy of yours if you thinking of taking it lightly. The best way to conquer this section is by practicing and taking the mind to the level of expertise.
  • Familiar with GRE words
The common mistake which is done by the students is that they learn a plenty of words in the limited time without knowing the context in which they are going to be used. You should develop your vocabulary which is tested in the exam, but knowing the context meaning of the word is equally important. The best institute for GRE helps you in learning that when you opt for a coaching class for the preparation of the exam.
  • Make a list of top universities
Having a list of all the targeted universities will help to keep moving every day and put a little more effort day by day. List out pros and cons and make a list which includes factors like finance, duration of course, GRE score cutoffs, course offerings. It is also necessary to build a good profile as well for the admission in good universities alongside the study.
  • Practice mock test 
A student should not be afraid to evaluate himself from time to time. And that is what mock tests are for. They are highly recommended during and before the preparation time. You can also indulge in GRE test classes for the best preparation.

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