Friday, September 21, 2018

Profitable integration of API in the messaging sector

API has seen significant growth over recent years, especially in the large-scale tech firms as well as messaging services provider firms. API is the short form for the Application Programming Interface. Lately, it has been integrated as a part of programming and as a connectivity use between two applications or software. Albeit unknown, this is a program that has been widely used in day to day processes such as messages, social media, programming, operating systems and many more.

To make this easier to understand how API actually works, let’s take this simple example. You go to a restaurant for dinner. In this scenario, the restaurant is termed as a ‘system’. If you want to order something from the menu and to make sure that order reaches to the kitchen, there has to be a link, i.e. a waiter. The waiter or an API is the messenger that ensures that the order is conveyed to the kitchen and tells them- the system, what to do. The waiter in return will deliver the food. This connectivity of messaging is done through API. Hence it can be termed as a connectivity interface between two platforms or application.

What does API provide?

In this modern communication and digital world, the data of your phone is never completely exposed to the server, and all the information of the server is never fully revealed to the user.  That is where API has become so valuable. It communicates with only small packets of data, which means that the necessary data is only shared. For example, if you are booking a hotel, you filter what kind of hotel you require and the facilities included,  the search results will show only specific data as per your requirement in return.  And in the end, you book your hotel room. Expedia, Amazon, eBay, Google are few of the large firms that are using the API and monetizing from it.

Growth in the messaging service sector due to API

Bulk SMS service is a sector that has been developing at a steady rate over the past few years.  By the integration of API as a part of their source code, it often enables free SMS send API for the purchasers and providers. As it also provides an additional layer of security for the code, and it being programming friendly, it is availed of them by various sectors such as Banking, Mobile service providers.

As a part of their trial run or promotional offers, free API provider is also seen sending out competitive quotations, as everyone wants a piece of this rapidly growing sector.
It is an integrated part of this industry now as API has a vast amount of benefits if used a part of their package, as seeing the visible growth of the companies availing API in their messaging services, it ensures that the data of the clients as well as their server database are more secured. This is the reason why the Free SMS service providers are much in demand.  

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