Thursday, September 20, 2018

How To Send Cake In Noida

Whenever an occasion knocks the door you basically get quite thoughtful of the fact that what to gift that person but actually there is nothing much to think about because you can send a cake also. Now the next dilemma is how to send the cake.

The best thing is that you can design the cake in different types and taste so that the person who receives it feels completely ecstatic when he or she sees the gift at the door.

#1.Yellow Colored Minion Designed Cake: From children to age all are actually great fan of cartoon characters especially when it's the minions. The characters are indelible in their forms and are everlasting because of their uniqueness. Now imagine when you see that character in front of you in the form of your favorite vanilla cake. But one thing the cake is made from egg and is fondant type in a circular shape. Along with the cake,send flowers online to make your occasion memorable.

#2.Truffle Cream Cake with Chocolate: Suppose you have a friend who passed the graduation with flying colors. Therefore to congratulate your friend you can send a chocolate cream based truffle flavored cake. But your friend is a vegetarian so make sure you get the cake prepared without any kind of egg. Other than that it has been garnished with small red cherries which enhance the taste to manifold.

#3.Mickey MouseCake: Again one of the most popular cartoon figures who have always been a favorite among all the cartoon shows is the Mickey Mouse. Now how will you feel when you see the same Mickey Mouse image in the shape of an edible cake. Basically it's in the round shape with the face of mickey toned in blue color as red food color is used as a base on the cake.

#4.Cricket PitchCake: Suppose at this moment if you ask someone what is your favorite game obviously the answer would be cricket. The green trimmed pitch with wickets ball and bat really seems eye catching. In fact it magnetizes you and pulls you to step into the ground as well.

Now what will be your reaction when you see the same in the form of a cake. This is a semi fondant type of round cake made from egg. The best thing is that if you want to send the cake to someone no need to worry as knife and candles are also included in the pack itself.

#5.KitkatAnd Gems Cake: Chocolates like wafykitkat and small multicolored gems just make an unforgettable chocolate delight. But it really turns out amazing as you get the opportunity to enjoy the delight with a soft delectable called cake.

In that respect you can actually see a chocolate cake prepared with a creamy base and is topped with multicolored pink, yellow, blue and orange gems. One more thing is that it has kitkat along the edges in pair of two. If you want to send to a different place you can go for sites offering same day delivery gifts option as well.

Thus these are the few outstanding types of cakes that you can actually send to Noida in case if you are happy with cakes taste and design.

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