Thursday, August 2, 2018

Three Reasons Why You Should Try Working in A Shared Office Space


Are you noticing that most workplaces nowadays have become more and more isolated and less productive? Sadly, this is a recurring problem for a lot of companies that have its own workplaces because of the lack of their innovation to address this problem.

However, to end the stigma of this problem, there is already an innovation to address this recurring problem since there is already office spaces meant to be shared with different companies or groups.

This is called shared office space which is now completely embraced by many startups, small and medium business (SMEs) enterprises and freelancers because of its ability to provide all the need and amenities that you can find in a conventional office space.

Reasons Why You Should Try Working in A Shared  Office Space

For people who are not familiar with the shared office space concept, you are probably confused and doubtful right now,

But don’t worry because we’ve prepared something to open up your mind and convince you why you should try utilizing this kind of office facility for your team.

Working in your own cubicle could sometimes be boring and isolated where you feel there is segregation between you and your workmates which defeats the purposes of collaboration which could propagate the culture of the very innovative and very productive startups and this could lead to unhealthy competition between you and your workmates. This could also lead to a toxic workplace that will promote not just stress but other problems that may arise if left unseen.

To prevent this from happening, workplaces or offices should promote collaboration and collective thinking that is why shared office spaces were born. These facilities are being rented out by different startups, small and medium business (SMEs) enterprises and freelancers who want to utilize all the amenities and perks that are found in a conventional office space at the same time take advantage of the infectious lively environment and the chance to collaborate with another team.

So here are the reasons you should know about the benefits of collaborative and shared office spaces.


There is teamwork in a shared office space rather than competition. Well, this is either intentional or not, most shared office space promotes collaboration and coexistence between startups, small and medium business (SMEs) enterprises and freelancers because of its facilities that have no walls or borders. 

Conventional offices and workplaces commonly practice the ranking system that awards certain employees based on their achievements which inadvertently creates competition among the employee ranks and in the long run this will totally consume itself in earning a collective goal. Shared office spaces give each team the chance to work with each other and focus on their common goals as well as objectives aside from instilling camaraderie and friendship.


Another important reason that we will mention is that shared office space is considered as the melting pot for new and innovative ideas due to the fact that you are exposed to work alongside people from different fields and industries that are for sure have something fresh in their mind that they want to apply for their work. Collaborative workspaces allow each and everyone in it to share ideas that will also benefit your company or startup in a positive manner.


Healthier office environment. Unlike what I mentioned above that cubicles isolate an employee; shared office spaces encourage everyone to collaborate with each other which is proven to be very fun and very productive many times, and this is also proven to lower down stress as well as depression among the ranks of the employees.

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