Thursday, July 5, 2018

Night trek in Bangalore – Nights have beautiful stories to tell you


Night brings the favorite time for the working people. They feel relaxed on the beds at the end of the day to be free from tensions of the hectic life. Now you can make the nights more superb with two days of trekking and camping in the amazing destinations near Bangalore. Now Bangaloreans and people from different places can enjoy some peaceful and beautiful nights in the laps of excellent trekking spots. There is no doubt that nights have beautiful stories to tell you at these amazing destinations to unwind yourself in the specials of splendid nature. Here are some of the best trekking and camping spots in and near Bangalore to get indulged in the chillness of special night under the starry sky.

Thadiyandamol Trek

This place name itself means Large Mountain and as the name suggest this is the highest mountain range in Coorg situated at an altitude of 1748m in the laps of Western Ghats. This place situates at the distance of 280 Km from Bangalore and a smooth start for newbies is not easy. But trekking is really exhilarating and entertaining. Enjoy the real beauty of nature with your trekking to the top of the hill. The rich green woodlands and streams are more than enough to give a real unaltered feast for the eyes. The important highlights include a visit to Golden Temple, Campfire, and Trekking. Enjoy Night trek in Bangalore in this excellent spot with the heat of the campfire, chillness of breeze and beauty of stars.

Kodachadri Trek

This is the best place to get engaged in 2 days trekking with a fantastic night stay. Kodachadri provides you with trekking distance of 7 Km on one side. This is a complete package filled with all specials of nature including beautiful waterfalls, compact forest, picturesque landscapes and adventurous jungle trails. Get a new level of energy and enthusiasm with a refreshing bath in waterfalls. Enjoy the night with the delicious dinners and campfire. Night stay certainly give you some of the unforgettable moments that never goes out of your heart for a long period of time.

The Blue Mountains of Kotagiri

The Blue Mountains is also called as Nilgiris in the local language where the terms ‘Nil' means blue and ‘Giris' means mountain. This place provides something special for everyone who visits with its excellent sun rise and sunset points. This is certainly a heaven for trekker and campers and experiences the splendid beauty of whirling hills, forests, lush green gardens, tea garden and a romantic waterfall. Set start to the night with a campfire with long conversations.  Enjoy the mountain style tent stay in the night in the mid of tea estates to experience all of the specials the night has to offer you. 

These are just a few words about the arresting destinations for night trek in Bangalore. Make use of the service of reputed event planners in Bangalore who arrange frequent night treks to most of the destination on almost all of the weekends and special days. Be free from the usual tensions of planning a night trekking and get indulged in the full spirit.


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