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David Turlington – Legal Grounds for Divorce in The USA and Child Support


People say marriages are made in heaven. However, there are times when you find it very difficult to resolve your differences with your spouse. In such a situation, you may have no option but to file for a divorce. Generally, it is a very bitter experience for both parties going through the process. This is because it means ending a relationship. Children are the worst sufferers when their parents opt for this course of action. They blame themselves for such circumstances and are uncertain of their future. This is the reason why the Courts do their uttermost to protect their interests in such cases.

David Turlington – All you need to know about divorce laws

David Turlington is prominent attorney from Boone in North Carolina. He has valuable experience dealing with diverse lawsuits. These include arbitration, civil litigation, corporate and criminal cases. He has a reputation of making it a point to give personalize attention to all his clients. This is the reason why he is most popular and sought-after legal expert in this American state. In recognition to his contribution in this field, he has the honor of being a member of important professional bodies. These include North Carolina Bar Association and Academy of Trial Lawyers. He is also well-know for his social work as the Chairman of Watauga County Department of Social Services. Currently, he is a senior partner at the Turlington Law Firm.

Grounds for granting divorce in America

He points out that divorce laws in America differ from one state to another. However, the Courts do allow people in a wedlock to go their separate ways on specific grounds. These include infidelity, financial problems, breakdown of communication between spouses, physical abuse and intimacy issues. Whatever the reason, he clarifies that it is important for individuals undergoing the process to get hire proficient lawyers to protect their legal rights. They need to ensure such professionals have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to handle such cases. They should also make sure such experts have a good reputation in the market Fresno DUI & Criminal Lawyer - Fresno DUI & Criminal Lawyer..

Child custody and support

He goes on to explain the children are generally the worst sufferers in a divorce case. They undergo immense emotional turmoil. In many cases, some of these scars remain with them in adulthood. In certain lawsuits, partners fail to come to an agreement on who will take care of them This is why the Courts need to intervene to protect their interests when their parents’ marriage breaks down. Judges generally pass a verdict depending upon a number of factors. These include the partners’ income, their maturity level as caregivers and their capability to support their kids.

Distribution of assets and liabilities during a divorce

This is another important issue Courts need to deal with in divorce cases. In some cases, spouses resolve issue by themselves in a binding agreement. However, if this is not the case he laws relating to distribution of assets, debts and property varies from state to state.  

David Turlington says going through a divorce can be an emotionally painful experience. People should only consider it when all other avenues to save their marriage with their spouse fail. However, if they do opt for it they should under the process and get adequate legal representation. This makes it less stressful for them. 


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