Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Add These Seven Pens to Enhance Your Stationery Collection

Did you ever have a stationery collection or at least planned to have one?

If yes, then don’t worry, as most of us have at some point. But of course, not many succeeded in having a stationery collection worthy of a King. It is not something that is fascinating for most people, but for those crazy about collecting unique notebooks, glittery tapes, fancy erasers and even branded pens  know exactly what I am talking about.

One thing a stationery collector cannot control is spending money on stuff they don’t even use. It is just for their collection, you know, but it’s important all the same! If you ask them when they plan to use the products they are buying, the answer is “Never!” as who would want to ruin a perfectly good notepad?

Pens happen to be the most prominent element of any stationery collection. There is a wide range of variety when it comes to pens. From high quality calligraphy pens to high quality highlighters, each one of us have used most of them at least once in our lifetime. So how do you expect a stationery collector to not have one or maybe even two of each and every kind?

Any stationery collection is certainly incomplete without them. Yes, you may fewbut do you have them all?

We have made a list of seven must-have pens to enhance your stationery collection.

1: Bright Type Pens

This type of pen has a firm grip that provides superior writing comfort to the user. The material consists of durable plastic and usually is a click-action retractable bright pen. There are certain brands that even customise company logos on the pen (as per individual requirements). They are termed as bright pens because of their colourful exterior. The overall material of the pen is plastic and is #1 must-have for stationery collectors.

2: Roller ball Pens – Ranging From £1 to £5

This pen adapts ball point writing mechanism but has water-based liquid or gelled-ink compared to the oil-based viscous inks usually found in ballpoint pens. The writing point of roller ball pens is tiny, particularly 0.5 to 0.7 mm in diameter, which transfers the ink from the reserves onto the paper as the pen moves. These pens are luxurious making the user feel like signing a multi-million contact. Overall, it is a fancy pen of your fancy collection.

3: Pilot Fountain Pen

Unlike its predecessor, a pilot fountain pen is nib pen that contains an internal reservoir of liquid ink. The pen draws ink from the reserve through a feed to the nib and on to the paper as the pen moves. The reservoir can be manually filled once the ink is used with the help of an eyedropper. There are certain fountain pens that have removable reservoirs in the form of pre-filled ink cartridge. They are available at an accessible price so go add them to your collection now.

4: Gel Pens 

Another obvious addition to your collection is the gel pens. Ask any stationery collector, they would definitely have this one category of pen. More prominently, the brand they will be having is Sakura Gelly Roll Pens.

They are nothing but basic get pens with thick and opaque ink. Because of a concentration of ink, the writing is clearer than typical ballpoint or felt tip pens. Gel pens are used for several types of writings and illustrations. The size of its nib or the pen tip ranges from 0.18 mm to 1.5 mm.

5: Pilot G2 Pen

Pilot G2 pen also known as the G-2 pen is the king of office pens. It is a high-quality pen available worldwide with different thicknesses and colours as well as custom configurations. For the matter of fact, it is USA’s #1 selling Get Ink Pen.

Given the popularity of the pen, it is but of course excellent. Although it does not write as smoothly as compared to the gel pens, they yet happen to be everyone’s favourite. Overall, it is comfortable, durable and lightweight pen.

Try the 0.38 mm size for ultimate precise lines.

6: Zebra F 301 Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Retractable pens are ink pens that have a spring-loaded ink cartridge internally attached. Zebra F 301 is a classic retractable ballpoint pen. It has a stainless steel body which is light and slim. This pen is commonly used for mastering the art of cursive.

7: Parker 51 pen

This pen is vintage. Parker 51, a type of fountain pen, was introduced in 1941. During that era, this pen was the world’s most wanted pen and was used by historic legends such as poet Dylan Thomas.
These pens are not easily found today, but if you happen to get your hands on one, never let it go. It’s worth more than any sum of money could ever buy.

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