Tuesday, June 12, 2018

SAT – A Brief Overview

The SAT is the one of the most common admission tests for admission to colleges and universities. This exam is taken by around two million students each year and is recognised by almost all universities.

It examines the candidate’s knowledge on general subjects required for success in college, namely, reading, writing, and mathematics. The SAT evaluates the critical reasoning abilities that the students learned in high school. It assesses the students’ ability to apply what they learnt in high school outside the classroom walls.

The SAT consists of various types of questions such as essays and MCQs. There are nine scored sections in the SAT and one un-scored section that may be a critical reading, mathematics, or writing section. The un-scored section does not count for your final SAT score but is to try out students’ responses to new types of questions, depending on which, they may be adapted in the upcoming SATs.

The SAT aids the selection process in colleges, as they provide something like an overview of the candidate. However, the SAT does not just help colleges find the right students, but also helps students find the right colleges! When you take the SAT, you find out a lot about your strengths and weaknesses that will assist you in choosing the right career path. At such a tender age of high-school, it is very likely that you will be in total confusion and ignorance about your future. In such a situation, SATs will help you get back on track.

Many universities that don't need SAT Subject Test marks will still consider them as they can get an overview of your academic knowledge and prowess. SAT preparation courses in Bangalore can be beneficial in assisting your choice of SAT subjects to take. Various subject tests offered by the SATs are English, history, mathematics, science, and numerous foreign languages.

SAT training can ease the process of preparation for you in several ways:

  • Rather than concentrating on questions, they give you a conceptual understanding of topics. In this way, they prepare you for not just a set of problems, but any question on that topic. After all, a strong foundation is the basis for any success.
  • An indicative practice test must be first taken so that the course can be tailored according to your needs. Some students may be good at math but not so good at the essays. So depending on which areas you need to focus on, an outline of your study strategy can be prepared to suit you.
  • Many training centres use different approaches all of which keep the student inspired and interested, as these are the critical ingredients for any success. They provide rigorous training in all areas and validate your preparation through tests.
  • These centres have persons with in-depth knowledge on subjects and expertise in teaching. They make efforts to make learning fun for you.
  • Among all the mathematical and reasoning skills, overall personality development must not be forgotten. Because, no matter how great you are at reasoning or essay-writing, if you’re not a good human being, none of it will hold any importance. These coaching centres help you develop your personality, making you a more confident person.
SAT in Bangalore ensures that all students who take up SAT coaching programs undergo intensive training in all the dimensions. 

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