Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Last minute jewellery shopping: Just get your smartphone


Leading shopping apps have the best of jewellery on offer – so why look elsewhere when there’s so much choice on your phone?

Is there any woman in the world that does not like jewellery? You might not be fond of pure gold jewellery pieces, and you may be more of an imitation or junk jewellery girl.

You need to buy sterling silver earrings and a finger ring in a week’s time, but you have hardly any time to go to the store. Fret not – whip out your smartphone and a jewellery shopping app and start shopping.

Some pieces of jewellery are easy…

It is quite simple to shop on a jewellery shopping app like Jabong. If you thought shopping apps like Jabong catered only to those looking for new clothing, think again. Jabong is a leading jewellery shopping app that lists every category of jewellery for your purchasing pleasure. So, whether it is a nose pin or a necklace, Jabong has it all.

Jewellery shopping apps list the different kinds of product categories on their home page, so you can browse at your leisure. However, you can set filters if you are looking for a certain kind of jewellery instead of going through the entire product suite. If you are in a hurry and want a certain kind of necklace, set the filters for ‘Necklace’ or ‘Necklace sets’ and see only the relevant results to save time.

You can easily pick earrings, necklaces and nose pins/studs/rings on jewellery shopping apps – there is no size guide for these. They fit every woman equally well. Even certain kinds of finger rings can be bought online, since they feature an adjustable circumference.

Watch out for the ‘free size’ tag

It may not always be possible for every shopping site to have multiple sizes in bracelets, bangles and anklets. Even a few millimetres can make a big difference to the jewellery measurement. You must have noticed it yourself – the bangle that fits your mum may not fit your wrist as comfortably. This is one risk you must take on jewellery shopping apps, because most bangles and bracelets are available in free sizes. These are fitted to intermediate sizes, i.e. they are neither too small or too large. Be certain about your purchase before you make it, or you will find that wearing the jewellery is a cause of discomfort rather than pride.

Look for exchange and returns policy

Leading jewellery shopping apps like Jabong will exchange or return purchased jewellery with no questions asked. But you must fulfil certain conditions at your end – you must initiate the exchange or refund within a certain amount of days and inform the app about the reason for exchange or return (if asked). Also, you must retain the packaging and tags on the product before exchange. Used and damaged products are not taken bac, or your money is not refunded against the same.


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