Sunday, June 17, 2018

How Schools Can Gain Media Attention


Many schools these days are taking help of the technology to provide their existing and new customers with the services that they expect from schools to get connected with them. If you are one of the school that is taking help of the technology, then you might also know the importance of the online marketing. This online marketing was used to be novel approach for schools but because of its great success it has now become very common. However, posting some great blogs, images and videos will not guarantee that it will reach the potential customers.

You have to gain media coverage through the media outlets to stand out from the crowd in this online universe. Not only PR agencies and consultants are meant to gain the media coverage. You can also do so by following these four basic steps from NewswireNEXT ( that we will list in this article.

1: Find media outlet with your targeted audience:

There is no need to attract each and every media outlet for the online marketing purposes. You can do your research and find out the media outlets that matches the demographics of your buyer personas and that can convey your message to your target market. These demographics can be age, sex, region, income and job title. The best and easy way to find such media outlet is to do a research on the media kit. You will get this kit in the advertising section of their website. These media kits contain the demographics of their audience and sometimes the detailed info as well.

2: Find relevant reporters:

Next step is to find out the reporters that covers the topics related to the education. You can easily find those reporters who have their interest in family issues and parenting regarding education. The easiest way to find such reporters is to look at the past reports of the specific reporters. This will give you a hint about their interest and reporting style. These past reports can also be obtained from the media outlets website where they archive past pieces from specific reporters. Says Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.

3: Develop interesting stories:

Now the research work is almost completed and once you found the relevant media outlet and reporter, you have to start developing interesting stories that can be pitched in the media. Reporters love to have great stories in order to gain the media interest. To come up with such great stories you can think of the topics that can help parents with their children’s education. It can be related to wealth, resources and decisions that the parents have to make regarding their children’s education. You can also interview teachers and students to come up with interesting stories. You can also take help of the previous online content regarding education and you can revise the previous topic.

4: Make connections with targeted media contacts:

We know that it is not very easy to find the relevant media outlets and reporters and that is why it is important to build long term relationships with the reporters. The effective way to do that is to provide them with the interesting stories that they want to get the media attention. However, you can start with the snappy email and can then follow up with the call.

Gaining the media coverage is not a complex task, however it takes a little effort and a bit of work. Keep in mind that each and every school has different strengths and requirements that can affect their success regarding media attention. It is advised to take help of the experts to come up with an effective marketing plan.


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