Monday, June 18, 2018

Security concerns to consider when developing IoT Apps


Over the years, multiple predictions have been made about the evolution of billions of connected devices by 2020. The rise of connected devices has increased the security concerns associated with the privacy of data. Security issues such as hackers stealing personal data and threatening individual’s life or organizations uncovering private data have been on the rise.

The key security issue related to Internet of Things is the ever increasing number of connected devices behind the network’s firewalls. Since, testing and security frameworks are crucial aspects involved in IoT application development process, the top security concerns that need to be addresses while developing attack proof IoT enabled devices and applications includes:

Data Encryption

Internet of Things is all about collecting data through sensors and connected devices across various channels. Since the IoT environment integrates retrieval and processing of personal as well as business critical data, it is important to encrypt the crucial data to prevent it from slipping to hackers. Coded data is hard to read so interceptors will find it difficult to use a particular set of information while the data is transformed from one device to another.

Data Authentication

Even if the data is encrypted, the chances of IoT enabled device being hacked still persist. Data authentication mechanism is critical to maintain non-repudiation and integrity of incorporated components. Authentication of data ensures that it flows correctly across valid channels and the data being collected is true and authenticated. Public key cryptography or advanced encryption algorithms can be practiced to achieve data authentication.

Evolution of Numerous Devices

A decade ago, we only had to worry about our desktops and laptops. Five years ago, most of us only had to worry about smartphones as well. But now, there are multiple devices we have to handle and take care of on a daily basis such as home appliances, cars, wearables among other IoT devices. Believe it or not, in the near future, we will have to become more aware as our homes and workplace are heading towards an  era of IoT controlled devices.

Managing Updates

Another remarkable security concern associated with IoT enabled devices is frequent updates. So, be careful while delivering patches or installing updates. Updates sometimes received on a massive scale and consume a huge amount of internet bandwidth; this sometimes leads to reduction of safety of the connected devices. Some updates can take a longer time and can lead to a security breach. It is better to keep the IoT enabled devices protective by implementing latest security measures.

Hardware Issues

With the evolution of IoT, another technology that has gained recognition is the Cloud Computing. The IoT enabled devices uses Cloud Computing approach to receive data through sensors and transform it to another device. Since, it is important to determine whether the Cloud infrastructure is secured against all potential threats, it would be significant to strengthen the processors through additional security algorithms and safety measures. 

Apart from this, there’s lot more that must be taken care of during IoT product development for achieving optimal output. IoT service experts ensures installation of genuine software applications, implementation of strong and protective network security, as well building strong username and password credentials to meet upfront challenges and let you use IoT technology, effectively.


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