Thursday, May 24, 2018

List of Essentials in a Spiritual Wedding - Tom Colton Helps To Find It All For You

As you go to any wedding ceremony, there are a few things which you will definitely find in common. You are surely going to find the girl with the flowers throwing all the petals on the couple, some single bridesmaid who are eager to catch the bouquet that the bride throws and also a happily married couple who loving kiss after the vows are taken. Now, in Ireland, there are a few things which is uniquely found in the spiritual weddings that happens over there.

Tom Colton, who is the officer of the Spiritualist Union in Irish court carries out spiritual marriages legally and showers blessings on the couple notices few interesting elements which otherwise are not found in any wedding ceremony.

A Short List of Few Elements Which Otherwise Tom Colton Doesn’t Believe Happens Anywhere
  • Have you ever found the bridesmaid praying for the happiness of the bride before the wedding ceremony takes place? Now, when you visit a spiritual wedding ceremony in Ireland, you will find the bridesmaids gathering around the bride with their hand on the bride’s hand and pray together before all of them walk down the aisle. Now, is this what only happens with the bride? No, even a similar shot will be seen with the groom and his buddies as well. This is funny, isn’t it?
  • Christians definitely love to sing a lot, and how can they miss out on the wedding ceremony as well? Hence, all these spiritual wedding ceremonies are filled with people, who are definitely eager to sing any time they get the opportunity. Whether it is the priest and the church members who are singing the hymn, or a contemporary worship music that is being played, music is going to a constant part in any of the Irish wedding ceremonies.
  • How can a spiritual wedding be complete without calling in Lord Jesus! In order to imitate Jesus in any of the wedding ceremony, the Christians organize a foot washing ceremony, which might sound awkward to you, but they do it very religiously. Tom Colton believes that rather than showing some brows at it, consider it to be a humble act of love and commitment that the couple shows towards each other.
  • The pastor in the Church never leaves any opportunity to give his sermons away to the disciples. While the wedding ceremony might take only 15 minutes, the Pastor is definitely going to take three quarters of an hour to put forward the full presentation of the Gospel before the vows are taken. So if you are not ready to hear them, you might not plan to attend the marriage at all.
  • Along with the foot washing ceremony, the couple is also likely going to serve a communion at their wedding too. Considering all the guests to be the believer of Christianity, this communion is presented to all replicating the first act of a husband and a wife who acknowledge all their sins and calls Jesus for one final sacrifice before the new beginning.
There’s lot to learn out of these spiritual wedding ceremonies, and you will have no idea until and unless you visit one.

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