Thursday, May 3, 2018

How To Transform Plain Sarees Into Designer Sarees


Do you think - it is boring to wear the same plain saree again and again? Then, you have landed at the correct place because here, we are going to discuss the new ideas of transforming plain sarees to look like designer sarees.

Every saree has its own quality and appearance; be it plain or made by the hands of a renowned designer. Do you know that plain sarees online can be easily moulded into a fantastic piece? Yes, it is actually easy to work with them, unlike designer Bollywood replica sarees. You can wear them on your most awaited occasions as well as housewarming parties. The most of the obvious reasons for choosing plain sarees are:
  • They are comfortable
  • Need not many accessories to prep it up
  • Quick to drape in a few minutes
  • The complementary pairs such as blouse and petticoat are easy to find out
Let’s catch some of the best ways to transform them:

The Selection Of Colour

The most popular colours that are picked by saree fashion pros are pastels and corals. The chequered and striped patterns are back with a bang and thank god, you can now wear it without others’ concerns. The best thing is that there is no rule book to wear colours except wearing too dark everything and every time. Even if you have a clear complexion, avoid wearing and opting same colours again and again. Always choose a perfect contrasting blouse and saree and vice versa to grab attention from the corners.

Blouse Design Matters

Why are you not grabbing the low hanging fruits? In this case, availability of quirky and latest blouse designs is the low hanging fruits. Buy plain sarees online and complement it with butterfly blouse, cold shoulder cut blouse, bra style blouse, shirt style blouse, cape style blouse, puffed blouse and etc. They all are designed for particular body shapes and figures and thus providing you ample choice to choose from.

Opt For Perfect Accessories

There are lots of accessories that you can wear with any kind of plain saree to make it look designer. And trust me, it is not at all a rocket science. Check out:
  • Wear a broad deep coloured belt or corset belt around the waist
  • A pearl key extension or chabi ka challa is the best way to prep it up
  • Pull the saree a little up and adorn the ancient time or East Indian saree style draping
Select A Different Pair Of Footwear

Choosing the same type of footwear, again and again, can also make your plain yet perfect saree look boring! Did you know that?

Every time we shop online for footwear for our sarees, we tend to select traditional sandals or juttis. Ladies, this is the right time to change and embrace new forms as well.

Well, afraid not; here is some quick and easy transformation.
  • Wear brogues and pull up your saree a little bit to show off.
  • If you have knee problems or some leg issues that day but still have a great spirit to accompany your beauty with sarees, do it with fabricated espadrilles or slip in boat shoes.
A Complementary Bottom Pairs

It is not always necessary to wear a petticoat or skirt to complement your saree. You can wear dhoti, denim jeans, ripped jeans, pants, palazzos and much more with these drapes.

Extra Attachments To Sarees

  • Put booti work across the length of the sarees.
  • Attach georgette or net ruffles at the border of the saree.
  • How about a small pocket at the side where the pleats end (and you know where it will end)?

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